Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Anyone know this guy????

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Your Best Friend On Queen Street. said...

Charlie, I enjoyed that one like you wouldn't believe. I just kept thinking " WHAT THE HELL IS CHARLIE GONNA SAY NEXT "? I haven't enjoyed anything in a long time like I did that. I laughed the rest of the afternoon and still am until I can get it out of my mind. THAT WAS THE BEST, MY FRIEND!!!!!!!!

Charles LeBlanc said...

Yes...he was sharp with his answers. Cool calm and collective.

I couldn't believe I was debating with the guy.

He's well known for his views.

I'm glad you enjoyed the show....lol...You just lay back and watch the show.....lol

and I didn't charge ya...You saw the whole show for free.....lol

The funny part is I didn't have a clue who he was???


Your Best Friend On Queen Street. said...

That's what made the whole show so enjoyable. He didn't know you and you didn't know him. I knew both of you and was the only one who knew what the hell was goin' on. I just said to myself, "SIT BACK AND ENJOY THE SHOW. IT AINT EVER GONNA GET ANY BETTER THAN THIS. The whole thing came right to my door and boy did I enjoy it. Every minute.