Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Just a reminder....

Swearing is not allowed in this blog. Yes, it's a blog and I could allow swearing words but I don't wish to go down that road....

To my ennemies out there < Which I have many >...:P

If you wish to write some nasty comments? Email me your real name at oldmaison@yahoo.com and I'll print your comment.

Even the Irvings demand your real name in their blogs.

Enough said.....


CJ said...

I never wrote any swearing words in my comments, and you never published them. I agree with you on your choice to not allow swearing words. But that should apply to pictures of people giving the finger, it's the same thing.

But as far as writing clean critisism of a specific blog you should post them. You constantly say that the Irving papers will not publish your letters and that it's a violation to free speach, well you are doing the same when you don't publish clean critisim of your blogs.

As for giving you my real name why would I do that? From looking at your blog you would just start stalking me and insult me just like you did to Tanker Malley this week and Dan Bussiere (which you do on a regular basis).

If you are going to ask for real names you should do it to everyone not just the people who are your critics or who do not agree with one of your blogs or your actions. If you want real names you should ask it from everyone, your supporters as well as your critics.

So for now I will give you my initials and yes they are my real initials

CJ said...

Oh yea one more thing. I am not your enemy. I am your critic (good and bad). You are a critic of government, industry and human rights, well I am a critic of Charles LeBlanc.

I do the same to you as you do to Goverment and the Irvings, which is constantly pick on them and write stuff about them.