Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Can Stephen Harper be re-elected????

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I forgot to mention this little story when he visited Fredericton a few months ago.

While taking pictures of the event, I noticed Families where present with their little kids.

They knew this would be a chance of a lifetime to meet the Prime Minister of Canada.

Stephen Harper met with a few politicians but quickly turned around and ignored the kids.


Ohhhhh that's right???? Politicians only love to have their pictures taken during the election.

You can see the pictures by clicking below -


I believe that his ignorance is showing big time!!!

Can you imagine his attitude if he had won a majority???

Very scary stuff!!!!

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Harper's a teddy bear said...

Scary? Not so much.

What is most frightening of all are Liberal ad agencies and corrupt bureaucrats ripping off millions of our tax dollars without any checks and balances whatsoever. And to top it off, the Prime Minister did nothing to stop it.

Thank God those days are in the review mirror.