Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Will NB Power CEO David Hay order the City of Fredericton to cut down these trees????

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I am very surprise the local Irving media never covered the cutting down of the beautiful trees on Carleton Street.....



CJ said...

What story do you want the newspapers to cover? There is no story here. By the look of the pictures here they just trimmed the trees so that they would not interfere with the lines. They did preventive maintenance, now the risk of loosing power because a tree interfered with the lines is reduced. The trees are still standing and look heathy to me.

Plus you blogged this before. Must be a slow day in "Charles Land" to blog the same story again.

Why Bee? said...

It's your choice Charles...What do you want to save a tree or human lives. Because, if you don't trim the tree, it could fall on electric wires during a storm and put fire to the nearby houses. Fire during sleep can take away human lives.