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If you want to actually debate it then feel free, just saying 'bs' doesn't do much. I don't know what 'half of those things' means, we know what ALL of the things that happened to Charles are-we know that he was falsely arrested, the judge said so, we know that he was banned from the legislature immediately afterwards with no public process or any evidence given (as were five others). We know that he was fired from a job at the legislature, although it can be argued about the reasons.

As for being held accountable, thats essentially what the comments section are for, and Charles certainly doesn't censor too often judging by them. If you are talking about him being arrested or something that is another issue entirely, but if all you mean is that people should criticize him then I don't think there is any person in New Brunswick who gets as much criticism as Charles does publicly.

But in the end it is a free country and within the law he is free to do as he pleases. Like I said, I agree with Jennifer and now really have nothing but sympathy for Dan Brussieres (except for getting Charles fired, but even that isn't so surprising and once again the fault rests with an inadequate human rights commission which would allow it to happen without an investigation and a legislature that would allow a head of security to fire somebody without due process. There are former criminals -several in fact- who are now elected MLA's for heavens sake).

As for his actions, so long as they are non-violent and don't hurt anybody they don't need justification-thats what living in a free society is all about. I would say 'as long as they are legal', but we have the strange case where a person's stepping on a piece of public property would result in charges of 'assault', so the 'law' here needs more justification than Charles does.

Jennifer's comments were highly critical, but also not accurate. She said that "you judge them before knowing anything about them" even though Charles talked to them and said quite plainly the person 'was a nice person'. That's hardly being judgemental. His issue is a valid one, NB has high unemployment, why aren't there enough french speaking police in a bilingual province? If the media had been doing their job then perhaps 'we' wouldn't need Charles to bring up this issue (and it is an issue, regardless of how you feel about it).

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