Wednesday, January 16, 2008


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I email two offers but they never replied to their emails.

I guess it's a snobby affair anyway!!!!

No pics in this blog.


Anonymous said...

There you go, tipical Charles, he asked for a media pass to a private event and was denied so this event is bad, snooby, beaurocrats run this, the Irvings control everything, the Liberals want Charles dead, ect....

But if they would have said yes then they would have been nice people. Hey that's life, you don't always get what you want. They don't want to give you a media pass, tough get over it.

Maybe they don't want a pest in there taking thousands of pictures and getting in front of paying people.

Charles LeBlanc said...

It really doesn't bother me for this one.

As for the Liberals try to kill me? Well, you know this is a very serious issue and something happen which I will blog ater.

During these past few months, I have been getting into events no problem but lately I have been running into problems.

I believe the next time that an Irving employee is allowed inside and I'm not?

I think that I will tell the individual to call the Police because like it or not?

I'm a court appointed journalist.

Am I upset with the ECMA?

Nahhhhhhh..that's ok!!!!

It's not a huge event like the Harvest Blues@Jazz festival!!!

But someone is giving the orders to ignore me and I'm going to find out.

Stay tuned....

Anonymous said...

You are not a journalist and people can refuse you entry to places. You have problems if you beleive what you write, especialy what you wrote above in the comment section.

It's funny how Anonymous 8:40am predicted what your response was going to be.

Charles LeBlanc said...

There's many idiots readers in this blog who truly believe that the Irvings are Kings and they should be the only ones to attend some events.

Of course, Tim Porter already began making certain this will be true. < Wish reminds moi? I forgot to write a blog about him weeks ago >

Stay tuned!!!

The Irvings with Scott Agnew and Robert McKinnon tried to have this blog shut down.

I wrote about a young guy who died and use one of their stories and the irvings made a complaint that it was copy-rights infrigment.

The Irvings can't even leave the dead alone.

Anyway, they only wish to have Irving's photographers at certain event so they can sell the pictures.

Old Germany all over again?

Sure is!!!

Did you know the Liberals are trying to have this blog shut down?

Stay tuned!!!

James C. said...

Hahahahahahaha. This is hilarious. Charles this blog only shows two things.
1. You are a great comedian.
2. You are the biggest "coo coo" in NB and you need help.

Wich one is it?

Charles LeBlanc said...

You have to be a Coo Coo to speak your mind in this Province!


P.S. I wish you Irving's employees would leave this blog alone!!

double :P

James C. said...

I am not an Irving employee, I just come here for my daly HAHA.

Anonymous said...

Let`s email the ECMA ( and ask that they include our favorite blogger.

Those Irvings papers are better at covering up scandal than covering musical events.

Their review of several huge shows were half filled with prurient condemnation of *gasp* marijuana use.

Anonymous said...

There you go, tipical Charles,

Huh - looks like this Irving punk ain`t too goods at spellin.

he asked for a media pass to a private event and was denied so this event is bad,

Charles is the future of media - newspapers suck, and their lame blogs suck even more. This is an open to the public event - if newspapers can take photos there, why shouldn`t Charles be able to? His photos are as good and far more comprehensive than what you see on the Gleaner.

snooby, beaurocrats run this,

Umm... do you live in Fredericton? I wouldn`t call them snobby (snooby?) - but the bureaucrats certainly are involved in a thing or two.

the Irvings control everything,

Hmm... what would happen again if the gas got turned off? I don`t suppose we have enough food to last until spring if the trucks couldn`t go through. They control everything until we get self sufficient again.

the Liberals want Charles dead, ect....

I`m sure some of them curse him - why else would they need to throw him out of the legislature?

If someone is being disruptive, they need to be removed, but to permanently ban someone from the legislature is a major political statement - essentially those complicit are disagreeing with Charles (as would many other NBers, if they chose to look into things).