Wednesday, January 16, 2008


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In my view? I believe this is just a way for the system to jail the poor for years.

They are arrested like me in Saint John and are told they have to represent themself in court.

The less fortunate are found guilty and put on probation.

After they break their probation? They are jailed for years and years.

This is the system in New Brunswick and this is the reason the P.C.'S never questioned the Government.



Anonymous said...

This person deserves more then the system ever offered. Hope all the truth comes out even what they are trying to bury.

This precious soul deserves the respect for her life and her family too.

SHe was just a child and what was done to her should not happen to a dog let alone a young woman who needed help and nothing more.

If all that comes out is changing our system and charges for the offences by the people in charge and the money for pain and suffering to her parents that would be a start.

A hugh appology is anther one too.

So sad to take advantage of person who needed help and no one and that means no one looked out for her at any level.

Premier Graham time to look into this with all your well paid people.

Anonymous said...

Was looking at the News and the Union is going to Fight Back? Well they had all the time in the World to save her but thier system is only thier to break a person down,and to degrade funny how they call themselves Corrections Canada?thier attitude sucks as well! They should all be forced to serve a few months as prisoners before becoming guards!

Anonymous said...

Charles, I do agree with you that the goverment might not be checking into this and that the correctional system is not the best. But our system we have in Canada is known as the best system in the world. Just look down south of the border where there bulding more prisons than schools. Were they don't even adress to you by name but by number, were to cross a yard you must walk in a strait solid line and not talk during 8-4 (check it out on you tube). Yes it is sad that Ashley died. But in my opinion there is just so much a human can do to help a person through these hard times.

For that last comment at 9:28, that is a awful thing to say about any security officer. If you have a hate on for guards well that is your opinion, but people who are going to jail have been found guilty of a crime. Maby some are innocent, but the system isn't perfect. Guards don't have the criminal back round therefor; you saying that they should do time also is not a very convincing statement and should kept things like such to yourself. Cause they work the most negative enviromment there is. In my opinion you are pretty much blind to the reality of things and need to open your eyes my friend.

I think it is easy to judge but all WE hear about prison is the bad things happening in our prison system. The system might not be perfect but people should learn to appreciate instead of hate. There protecting society, protecting our children, protecting our homes. Everyone hates the police went an officer pulls you over and gives you a ticket, but you will be some glad to see them rescuing your child or needs to perform CPR on you.

Anonymous said...

Excuse me but not all of us hate police. The real shame would be to not improve or learn from the mistakes made. Talking and investigating is the only way to get to the bottom. Don't let the people who can't stomach the truth; who also have ignored what happen to people who can't fend for themselves.

What happened to Ashley should never happen again. Even if our system maybe the best there is; that is not good enough!

If you had that happen to someone you loved, I am sure the details would not be acceptable. Nor could you do or say nothing!

Anonymous said...

Society in general has harden or much. Is it because we hear about so much of it we stop caring? I hope not.

What happened at Kingsclear Correctional Center is enough for us to wake up and see that terrible things happen in the hands of people who are paid to protect them. Don't forget good people do bad things. No matter what education we have, the jobs we hold, respect we are given; we are also to be held accountable for any actions that are wrong and the ones we choose to turn our backs on count too.

Stop defending the people who do wrong; when are we going to stand up for the real victims. Ashley is a true victim and her life deserve respect.

Anonymous said...

How can the PCs say anything charles, the Liberals and the Irving Media control the message , so whats the point there have been several crimes and lies made buy this Liberal government and they just keep getting away with it. absulute corruption curupts absulutly.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous : 7:59 PM They not us allow that negative enviroment!And our system is not the best better look again!

Anonymous said...

Ashley is the person that should not be forgotten; who cares what political party. Hopefully they ( including any parties) all can see the wrongs that have been done to this young person.