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Before I began the long trip to the back to the Capital?

I meet an old friend of mine and we were chatting about my

Close by was a another friend who I haven’t seen in years.

His name is Delbert and he’s a very good musician.

I noticed that Delbert was paying close attention to my stories.
He was very surprised once he heard what I was doing?

He told me that he has a son with ADHD and the school system isn’t treating his son with respect.

He continued by saying that one morning his son was a little out of control.

The teacher stood up in front of the class and shouted - Young Jimmy? Did you take your Ritalin this morning????

Now, I told the musician that I’ve heard this story on many
occasions and that’s what I’m all about.

I’ll fight till my last days for the rights of those kids.

I didn’t like my little vacation in the City because my girl Pat was still taking care of her son and his drug habit was getting worse and worse every day.

He was out of control and I didn’t have the patience to handle it.

People with ADHD are very well known for their quick temper and this was one main reason that I was protesting.

I took a bus to the Western Part of the City and began to hitch a ride to the Capital.

It was hot and I had a very difficult time getting a ride

I said to myself -Am I ever going to make it???

I love hitch hiking because I can relax and you do meet some
very interesting people in the roads.

This time around, I wasn’t so relax because Dan Bussieres stoled my tent was gone and I didn’t really know what to expect
once I arrive at the Legislature.

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It was over two months and no media coverage and I wasn’t going to give up my hopes now.

After over one hour and thirty minutes, I finally got a drive and they were driving right to the front of the Legislature.

They were a couple from the North Side and they were very friendly.

We made a stopover at a story and I saw my story on the Daily

Heather interviewed me on the Friday before I left and we chatted for over one hour.

I didn’t trust the Irving media so therefore I told her to do me a favour before she left?

I told her that when she does the story? She shouldn’t be writing
about Charles but the kids.

Write the story and mention the kids!

Would she follow my advice?

I bought the Daily Gleaner and I was on the second page and she
did a wonderful job.

I couldn’t no longer condemn the local media because my story is finally out to the public and little did I know that it would make my protest much more easier.

Once at the Legislature, the email that Dan Bussieres send me was true that my tent was gone.

I looked around and it sure look empty without my little part time home.

I walked to the Legislature and asked the Commissionaire to see the Sergeant At Arms.

He told me that Dan left early and he would only return in the morning.

I was down and confuse.

I decided to go and check my emails at the Post Office.

Someone shouted at me and it was Kevin Bissett from Broadcast News.

I’ve known Kevin for over 10 years and he told me that he saw Dan and three other guys from Supplies and Service remove my tent.He asked me if I knew where my tent was?

A few minutes later, I was surrounded by more media personnel.

They also asked me where was my tent?

I answered - You tell me?

They told me that a homeless guy was seen in my tent. I told the media that I have a buddy name Marc and he lives under a bridge and he’s been keeping me company for 40 days and I’m very grateful!

He stayed in my tent over night.

I asked him to watch my little home while I was gone.

Shannon Hagerman A Reporter asked me what was in my bag?

I told the reporter from the Daily Gleaner that I bought some clothes with me to Saint John.

I did a wash and even a protester has to stay clean.

I noticed someone watching all the excitement and it was my old friend Hylene D’Aigle.

She’s the girl who gave me the key of her apartment while she visited Montreal.

I mentioned her to the media but they seem more interested in my tent.

Thank God that Kevin Bissett witness the little scene because this would have given me more media attention.

It was the Sergeant At Arms from Quebec against Charles the Acadian?

Sounds like the battle of the Plain of Abraham all over again???

But it’s the battle of the French cultures just like Fort Latour!

I knew that Dan just came from a Sergeant At Arms convention in
Ontario and maybe while drinking some cheap wine withother Sergeant of Arms from other Province that the issue of me came up and others told him what to do with me.

All my belonging were gone and I felt helpless.

Dan could have stick around but he was gone and he had all my belonging.

Marc came to the scene and told me that he was told to leave the ground of the Legislature and he added that Paul < Jesus >
was also present.

The sun set in behind the mountains and I was sitting on a curb with Marc.

It was there that I noticed that Dan took everything.

I mean everything!!!

He never left a chair for me. I was getting very upset and the girls cleaner - Tammy and Ethel knew it.


I noticed a vehicle parked in front of the Legislature and there was Jason and Colleen.

I could tell by the look on their face that they were very upset that my tent was gone and prayed with me to continue the battle?

This couple have a son that the system wants him on Ritalin and they were great supporters of my fight for the kids. They
pleaded with me to continue and gave me a tent.

It’s about the same as the old one.

I thanked them very much and I couldn’t wait to see the look on Dan’s face once he saw a new tent in front of the Legislature.

My old tent was green but this one was purple.

Hey? I needed a change of color.

That evening of August 18 was very cold.

Dan could have left me with a blanket.I didn’t sleep good at all and I was wondering of the media was going to cover the story that my tent is gone?

The next morning, I woke up with the Crow.

I didn’t need a alarm with that nosy crow around. I had my coffee and waited to see the Sergeant At Arms.

I knew that I had a bad temper and I was going to remain calm, cool and collective.

It has been quite a last 24 hours and I’ll admit thatI am very tired.

Pretty hard to sleep when you don’t have your blanket.

I guess that I’ll have to go at the Salvation Army and explain to them what happened to me. Hey? Never know? Maybe the media will return if they see those honest volunteers at my tent?

I noticed a few people are honking their horns in support and many people are coming to my tent. It was a different approached because the public finally knew about me and they came to visit me with their concern about ADD/ADHD!

L’Acadie Nouvelle made another good story about my tent being stolen and this time it was directed tothe fine couple who gave me their tent.

I feel guilty to take their tent but they told me to continue the fight!

The picture in the French Paper was the couple son Michael.

He’s a young child who’s teacher wanted to give the kid Ritalin.

The mother refuse and that’s good.

Paul Harpelle a reporter from Global News gave me his card and told me that if The Sergeant at Arms-Dan Bussiere pulls a
stunt like that again? I should call him as soon as possible.

I like Dan, he’s a good guy but he has a job to do!

What the heck was he’s thinking about when he took my tent?

Finally the moment arrive when Dan walked out of the Legislature.

My first pharse was- MA MAUDIT RAPASE!!! Don’t even asked me to translate those words.

He had a smile on his face and he knew that I was upset.

He told me that the reason that he removed my tent was that there were two homeless guy around my tent.

I told Dan that Marc was a friend of mine and I consider him my associate.

Gave him permission to stay in my tent and he was protecting myitems.

Dan told me that there was another guy around.

I asked Dan if by any chance it was the guy walking towards us behind him?

He turned and said- Yes,That’s the guy!

It was Jesus and I know that Dan is a Religious man so I knew this was going to do a very interesting meeting.

I introduced them to each other while I was sitting on the front steps of the Legislature.

Dan continued to talk to me encouraging me to leave.

Of course, he wanted to know where I got a tent so fast?

I told him that there’s more tents like that one around and if he removes this tent? I was in negotiation with the Native to built a tee pee. < Major problem with Ritalin among the Native population >

He asked me if I was joking and I told him with me you never know.

While Dan pleaded with me to leave?

Jesus came out with this Phrase - You said that the Government owns the land but this isn’t true because God owns the land.

Dan quickly turned his attention to the preacher.

I said to Dan - Hey Dan? He’s good eh?
Pretty good eh?

The look on Dan’s face was funny.

Dan decided not to debate with the stranger and continue by telling me that no camper are allowed on the ground
of the Legislature.

Jesus said - That man isn’t a camper! He’s a protester for the children!

Once again, Dan stared at the guy.

I repeated myself and said- Pretty good eh Dan? I like this guy!

I told Dan that I bet that he believe that he was a homeless guy but now he should know that he has nothing to worry about.

Marc and Jesus are allowed around my tent. I am very grateful to Dan Bussiere because he attracted the media like no one did.

I waited over 60 days to spread my message and Dan did it in a couple of minutes.

Because of his stupidly? The public will now know why I’ve been in a tent for 40 days!!

I have to give credit where it’s due.

The media did ignored me but once the staff at the Legislature interfered with my freedom of speech?

They moved in for the kill! I am certain that Dan never expected this reaction from the media and I must admit that neither did I.

As long media watches over Government, everything should be

Media? I couldn’t no longer say bad stories about the Evil Irving Papers because they did a fantastic job covering my stolen tent.

On August 19, I had close to 1,700 names but with the media coverage, I am certain that I can reach the 2,000 goal without any

I can’t no longer go at the soup kitchen! Pray that
my new tent is still there!!


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Charles Leblanc for Premier Society said...

This Dan guy, he sounds sort of like a dick... But he`s not from around here, is he? That`s ok, if I had to go watch over somebody else`s kingdom, I wouldn`t enjoy dealing with protesters... especially when they`re right.

How have the media and teachers and doctors reacted to the latest disturbing findings about ritalin?

It won`t be long now before everyone is complicit in hooking our kids on meth.

Just like 911, the more people involved - the less we want to talk about it.

Wake up people - if there is such a thing as reality, we`ve all been increasingly inept at dealing with it lately.

Let`s get Charles back into the legislature one way or another! Whereas Fredericton has been nominated as Smart City of 2007 would our electing Charles to serve us in the Provincial legislature finally shut the haters up?