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Last week, I was approached by someone with an interesting story.

It's a tale of a guy who was on top of the world but came down pretty hard.

He used to be the owner of the City Motel in Fredericton.


His name is Jim.

Jim was doing ok until his whole world came crashing down. I mean REALLY DOWN!!!

Until his downfall, he used to mingle with the higher ups of society.

He leased the City Motel for 10 years. I might add that he also owned the Lobster Hut which was attached to the Motel.

Many politicians would stay over night in that building. Ohhhhh???? If walls could talk??? But Jim sure can!!!!

Jim took his business very seriously!

He told me that if he was still the owner of the Motel and he would have seen this blogger in the building? He would have asked me to leave the area. I wouldn't even be allowed in the parking lot. Only if I was invited to the motel by the politicians in advance.

He made certain the MLA'S had privacy from the media.

Speaking of privacy? He went so far as building this back door so they could maintain their privacy.


A meeting was arranged and I met with Jim.

He told me some very interesting tales raging from the politicians to the way the Fredericton Police Force handled his case.

Especially the story he told the Government that he would go public with some stories he seen in his motel?

The Government quickly reacted. It was sort of like my case of telling our elected officials that I would go public with the murder? < This is the only reason I was told that I was banned from the Legislature >

The Liberals quickly told me that they would haul me in court for Harassment!!!

I explained to Jim I was a blogger and anyone can become a journalist by writing their story and I'll blog it.

Too bad my recorder is broken because I would have just interviewed the guy. So we have to do it the hard way.

The interesting issue on this one? It was a Civil matter and the media still managed to put the story on the front page.


Also added was the Fredericton Police Force supervised the eviction.

What's with this????

Once this hit the front page? Jim’s life began his downward spiral.

Jim was the type of guy who was involved in all kinds of political events and he had a Carte Blanche to visit the P.C’S in their building but all this came to a sudden halt once he was told - In the future, he would have to make an appointment.

Jim didn't like the way he was treated so he threaten to go public with his stories of going ons in his Motel.


Well, he ended up in a mental ward for three months because of other issues.

Well? After chatting with the guy, he didn't look coo coo to me?

He sounded very sincere with his emotional stories.

I'll be blogging the tales during the next few weeks.


Stay tuned....

P.S. I hope I'm not shot on the streets because of this one?

Truly stay tuned....


Anonymous said...

I know Jim Oickle and have always thought of him as an honest and sincere person. What happened to him was wrong wrong wrong, from the way he was treated by the owners of the City Motel / Lobster Hut who stole his business to him being thrown in the Restigouche Institution in Campbellton because he wouldn't take the crap from anyone anymore. It's amazing what can happen when you start to threaten the establishment with their dirty little secrets. It's about time Jim's story was told. He has suffered so much, I think that this might help him by getting it off his shoulders. I bet a few people aren't going to be happy about it though... his enemies will be out with their knives soon brave Jim!

Anonymous said...

Don't worry.
There will be no stories told.

Same as ,there were no stories by the hundreds in the know bout kingsclear ,hatfield,mckenna,et all.

Anonymous said...

Hey Charles, I'm not sure if you have done a story on this but the Woolastook Park situation with Fred (Paget) and him losing it under "interesting circumstances". With camping season on the way, it will be interesting.
By the way, I think he did a great job. the park was closed when the Gov't owned it because they couldn't maintain it now he has put his life savings into it, they want it back - ridiculous!

Anonymous said...

i am glad you wrote a story about jim. i used to work in that building for both the lobster hut and the motel and loved every minute of it.

it's a shame, because the city motel and lobster hut was a good place to go and i was actually proud to say that i worked there instead of mcdonalds like everyone else my age, at the time.

i was there the day the cops all showed up at the motel. i went to the front desk and asked what was going on and my supervisor told me to go home. whoever took over the motel stopped giving me hours and wouldn't give me a reason as to why they stopped scheduling me. instead they said "we'll call you when we need you back", i figured i would wait a bit, and i never got that call back. i was 19, living on my own, paying my own bills and groceries and they didn't even care. i had to move back home and to this day, i will not step foot into that hotel or suggest anyone go there, because it isn't the same.

they ruined the look of the city motel and its not as inviting as it used to be when jim was running it. its quite a shame, really, and a stupid move on their part because now, all you see is an empty parking lot.

i am happy to hear he is still kicking around.

Anonymous said...

Now you've got my curiousity up. What happened at the City Motel / Lobter Hut anyways? I remember seeing it in the paper, looked like a big scam on the part of the owners to me. Wait until he's just about to take over the lease and steal it from him. We never did hear Jim's side of the story about how those creeps took his business away from him. I used to like the way it looked too, it had character. I think they even used to promote it on the tourism brochures because it was so interesting. Now it looks like any old place on the side of a highway. BORING. The empty parking lot tells it all. Didn't take them long to ruin a good business. said...

Charles I'm writing this comment to see if you get comments posted on stories this old. If so I think its time we tell the rest of the story.
I will answer any questions your readers wish to put to me in regards to what they have heard about me. I promise to tell only the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
You had a comment from a sister that I no longer see. Is it possible to retrieve it?

Charles LeBlanc said... told me to remove those stories...


James said...

Good. Better that way, I'm sure an Anon will bring it up in regards to another issue and I will deal with it then. Thanks for taking it down when I asked. Love the Bedbug Story, this place needed to be looked at back when I was in business 4 years ago. Keep up the good work.