Sunday, February 24, 2008

Giving Sandra a helping hand....

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Have you ever tried pushing a cart on an icy sidewalk???? She didn't have a cart this time around but many less fortunate in the City are pushing one these days.


I asked the driver to stop and I offered her drive to the bottle exchange place. She insisted in sitting in the back.


Once there, we noticed many vehicles lined up waiting to give their empties away.


The very rich don't discriminate. Sandra is force right in the back!!!! First come first serve....


Right behind the fumes of the many vehicles in the area. Very dangerous area if you ask moi???

Only in Fredericton where the less fortunate will be force to wait in the snow, rain or windy days to collect a few bucks to survive.



Anonymous said...

It amazes me how these idiot in their warm vehicles couldn't let her stand in front and let her go.

This was the time to show their real selfish character and then did ten fold.

Few minutes out of their lives; shame on them. I think they should have their plates run. Ha Ha!

Anonymous said...


What sort of animal makes a homeless person wait behind them, pushing a cart, breathing in fumes?

Modern day humanity is a faded shell of its former self.

I blame the banks.

If the original treaties were honored with interest, our whole Country would be owned ten times over by the the Natives.

This same system of laws has mortally indebted the people and the puppet government to such an extent that we are mathematically incapable of either progress or proper sustenance.

I'm just sayin said...

Charlie, you wrote about this in the past and discribed these very problems at that time.
We both know for a fact that many politicians take a boo at your site from time to time but yet NOT ONE THING was done to help these people who walk to this place?!

I can't for the life of me think of one single reason why they cannot put in an entrance for walkin customers? the way, Shouldn't it be those walkin customers getting preferential treatment?
Because after all, they are the ones doing the envoirnmental good deed! ((Hmm Leave it up to the little guy to always get the job done right in the end eh? who'd "a" thunk it?!))
}Anyhow those who are sitting there for twenty minutes or so with running motors are costing themselves as well as the rest of the city's citizens a little more of their health from constant carbon polution than they will ever get in a cash return for their wares ( Again there's that pesky saying ) Hmm go figure in the end?

Kinda makes you wunder which way's up /\? or which way's down \/?

Anonymous said...

None of it makes sense. They charge us 10 cents, give us a nickle. Then we burn $5 of gas to drive and wait.

Similar to caring for the green; and every company prints these stupid flyers which go to the dump or we burn it and cause more pollution. Great sense in 2008.

Anonymous said...

Person could stop and think,
about who is in the most hurry.Should the homeless not show some appreciation for those that support them.No one would fail to help a poor person in NB,that we know.
I wonder what the real point is?
Servants next?