Thursday, November 22, 2007

THE IRVING PAPER - Lots of work for a picture???

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longtooth said...

I don't know anything about the Gleaner, but I occassionally read the Transcript online and have seen Mr. Spinks from the right there. I don't see anyone from the left. About Spinks though, he now doesn't allow anon posters. I was registered with his blog, but it doesn't take my posts anymore. Maybe because I blasted him about Suzuki. Seems he is like Irving now, he doesn't want to hear anything that he doesn't like or that Irving doesn't want to hear. What some people will do for 30 pieces of silver eh?

Charles LeBlanc said...

Spinks working for the Irvings?


He's not paid one single cent for what he does and he'll write about what he wants.

As for moderation of the comments?

I don't blame him at all!

I will admit that only people with blogger account is a little harsh.

I had to moderate the comments because of all the idiots landing here.

I don't blame Spinks for what he's doing.

To be honest with ya?

To be an Irving bloggers will not attract that many people.

Do a googlesearch on New Brunswick Bloggers?

The Irvings are not number one!

Keep the fine work Spinks!!!!

Spinks said...

You're fine longtooth. I was having an ongoing battle with an Internet troll as have a number of the NB blogs lately. I don't deal with that crap in life and neither do I on my blog. That particular troll just gets deleted now.

Char;es had the same problem and went to moderation. That might be a better solution but then comments only go up after I check them. Not really interested in that either. You can get a blogger account with any e-mail, even using longtooth if you like. If you don't, that's fine too.

NB Politico has a left leaning blog in which he duplicates it on CanadaEast as well. I don't think either one of us puts fresh material on CanadaEast. It all goes up on our regular blogs first.

Like Charles wrote, I get paid nil. It's just another place that publishes my work like Opinions Canada, Local in the Know, etc.

Charles is right. You're reading the most visited blog in New Brunswick here at Old Maison.

Anonymous said...

Spinks and campbell are joining up to see if they can reach 6 posters a day.You don't sit stagnant with Irving.
You see ,if you two are going to whine over me insulting your bought and paid for opinions,you will remain a joke.
Its bad enough having charles decide what gets posted,but at least he is not thin skinned.
NBER's are known for ease of being walked over because they don't have the guts,except for a few of us,who if you had the chance ,would tazer.
The 5 largest blogs in canada ,anything goes.Best you little red faced virgins don't go there.
And I been on those blogs for years,defending atlantic canadians,with FACTS,but where are you little swell headed punks,certainly not defending us against the misinformed ontario and western media and blogs,and I know cause I there,and your not ,you pansy assed little nobodies.So POST THIS?

Anonymous said...

haha who is that 5.30?,god he's good
gets around early in the morning too,probably gets banned on several blogs befor we wake up.hhhhaa
Well I agree with him.