Wednesday, December 05, 2007


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Parole board denies Latimer's bid for partial freedom
Robert Latimer, the Saskatchewan farmer who is behind bars for killing his disabled daughter, has been denied day parole. more »
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But this guy gets to walk free?????


I'm surprise the Government never destroyed these buildings. It's one of our saddest part in New Brunswick history.

Why keep it there?

As for Latimer? Well? It's a very emotional issue and he should have been granted day parole.


Anonymous said...

I guess the globalists figure they might need more prison space once they finish tearing down the few remaining ties we have left of our culture.

Anonymous said...

I agree that those buildings should be torn down, but that old guard has done his time and paid his depth to society. So yes he is allowed free with strict conditions.

downboy said...

Short memories,as it been posted here before ,the building privately owned,probably by a friend of hatfields with old memories.

Anonymous said...

It is a sad, sad day when the Karl Toft's of the world can walk among our children, freely, while a father is jailed for loving his daughter so much he gave her life to take her our of her pain. Don't get me wrong, I am not advocating mercy killing but what about quality of life for an individual. I have always maintained we look at our pets and say if they cannot have a good quality of life we euthanize them (I know because I had to do it to my pet), yet an individual in the same level of pain and discomfort is medicated or sedated and left to wait it out til the end. I have told my family not to let me live like that if I am ever in a position of having no quality of life. I know that term varies from person to person but my family knows what it means to me. Mr. Latimer is not a criminal, he made a judgement call based on his years of loving his diadvantaged daughter. Mr. Toft is a criminal and his abuse has damaged many a life (again, the young men he asaulted have no quality of life on a different level) yet he can walk among us - we surely need to look at our values in this society.

Anonymous said...

Although I am not against uthenism, but I believe the reason that he was not granted day parole is because he is not remorseful for what he did.

He killed his daughter to take her out of her misery and release her from her suffering. He felt, and probably still feels, that he did the right thing.

The courts convicted him of second degree murder. So if he does feel remorse for what he did, and does not recognized that he did anything wrong, then why would they grant him day parole for crime he does not feel wrong about doing.

In my opinion, I do not feel he would be a treat to anyone outside, but the courts do not want "criminals" to be set free before the end of there sentence (even for one day) if they do not think that the person in question is not rehabilitating.

Anonymous said...

Our justice system is failing us and no one seems to care.

One good example is Karl Toft who actly killed hundreds of children years ago when he raped them physically and abused them over and over. He was not the only one at that Kings Clear but many have not been charged.

Mr Latimer already paid his debt when he made the choice to stop her pain. For the people who don't understand they will someday.

No one should be put in that situation; he loved his daughter.

Premier Hatfield got off easy.

Michael G. McKay said...

It is my humble opinion, that neither one of these individuals should have any parole they both comited crimes against their fellow Citizens. Latimar murdered his own Daughter and Karl Tofft, is nothing more then a filthy predator who preyed upon young boys at the reformatory. And yes Hatfield may have gotten off in this life, but he will not get off so free in the next life unless he has made his peace with his Creator.

Anonymous said...

Interesting how some individual will claim that Latimer had the right to play God (determine someone's time line on earth) and to so call free his daughter from misery with "mercy killing". Did you or anyone ever hear his daughter complaint or yell from suffrance ? Who says that under her disformed body and wondering mind she didn't enjoye the warmth of the sun, the reflective glow of the sun on the fresh snow, the tenderness of her mother's voice as daily blessings . It is not because someone is in a wheel chair or has even a terminal desease that they do not appreciate all of the other blessings life bestows on us and them. No. Robert Latimer was and continues to be selfish in dealing with his own pain and suffrance. Shame on those who seek to simplify and excuse him from killing a child of God. (Same frame of mind as abortionnist come to think of it) Latimer chose to walk away from God's light and dwell in Satan's darkness. He chose to discard someone else's life rather than seek God's help and understanding. He should remain there in a dark cell until he realizes/accepts what he has done was definitely wrong and only God I dare say probably can ever forgive him for doing so.

May God have mercy on him.