Wednesday, December 05, 2007


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This is crazy!!!! The media told me Dan Bussieres is way out of control!!!!


Does he believe that after listening to all the BS from the MLA'S over and over that the media will assault a politician with a tripod????

Charles Leblanc 307

This is the same man who wanted to ban Andy Campbell from CTV News from the Legislature.


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P.S. The reporters in the pictures are not associated with this story.

Sigh...He might ban these guys???


Anonymous said...

What will this mean for Kirk MacDonald?

Muddy River Tory said...

Charles.........why ban a tripod? Doesn't hold up a big TV camera? I was at PM Harpers announcement in Moncton the other day and noticed th press corp....all with their big heave tv cameras. I can assure you that if they had to stand there for 45 min with them on their shoulders that they wouldn't be too happy. What's wrong with this guy anyway? Seems like he is taking his job too seriously....maybe though he has a point....someday someone might plant a bazooka in the leg of one of these big tripods. Ha Ha

Anonymous said...

Judging from the utter lack of NB government-related video on the internets, you'd think all cameras were banned from their sanctum.

What exactly are the rules for press in the legislature?

hiyosilver said...

There is no free press.Charles is banned,and all papers owned by one outfit is not press.
There is no argument.
And Charles will be shut down also,as soon as the regime completes its control.
Some of the blogs have already cowtowed,so tightly infact they have to resort to posting on other blogs.hahahhaahhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaa.

Just Passing said...

Banned from where Charles? The sidewalk? the grounds? the front steps? the lobby? the gallery? Banned for good? For the day? Is the extent of what you know? It sure isn't much to go on let alone complain about, mind you when it comes to good old Dan you never really needed a reason anyway did you.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of not much to complain about...

Charles LeBlanc said...

Ban from Dan's washroom!!!!


Just Passing said...

Well anonymous 10:45 I am at least glad you agree.

Anonymous said...

One way to stop the Press from hanging around with a Camera ready to Shoot something that could possibly be Egg on Thier Faces?