Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Walking around the two bridges after the first snow storm of the season in Fredericton!!!!!!

Charles Leblanc 254
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People should love their trails! It was a long walk in the snow but I did it!!!!

The City should clean the trails a few days after a storm. Where else can you enjoy a nice walk in the evening than Fredericton.

Charles Leblanc 259

It's beautiful!!!!

Here's some pictures!!!

Charles Leblanc 250Charles Leblanc 256Charles Leblanc 258Charles Leblanc 260Charles Leblanc 262Charles Leblanc 265Charles Leblanc 266Charles Leblanc 268Charles Leblanc 269Charles Leblanc 270Charles Leblanc 272Charles Leblanc 275Charles Leblanc 278Charles Leblanc 281

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CJ said...

The trails are used for x-country skiing in the winter. If you want them plowed get a job, pay taxes and then go to city hall and complain about plowing the trails. It takes money, equipment and time to do that. I would rather they plow the sidewalks first.