Monday, January 21, 2008


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The Government workers in charge of the Methadone program in Saint John are a big joke!!!

They told the CBC that only 48 people are on the waiting list for Methadone.

Guess what these geniuses did???

They remove the names of people who are prostitutes or were in jail.

The number went from over 200 to less than 50!!!


Saint John has a major drug problem and it’s getting worst.

You mean these Government workers at the Methadone Clinic can’t take the time to locate and chat with the people selling their bodies for their habit in the uptown area or attend the court session in Saint John????


There’s hundreds of people doing Dilaudid in Saint John every single day and the problem is getting much worst!!!

If you believe that the drug problem is going down in numbers?

Than you truly believe that Irving is God himself!!!!

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Leisure Society said...

Alright Charles,

What are the facts my man - have the extra people you`re talking about definitely signed up for methadone?

How sure are you of this claim?

If I were a budding reported - I`d get my ass down there and beat you to the scoop.

Also, how big is the percentage of prostitutes on this list you claim of 150? If the city of Saint John has 150 prostitutes, it`d be the first time many people in our province had heard of it.

This is somewhat in line with a
recent post on our blog about how depression-era leisure (in light of today`s market) was typified by drinking, loosening sexual morals and lower-technology games, such as stickball.

If this number reported is so out of whack with reality - somebody has some explaining to do.

Charles LeBlanc said...

The numbers could be much higher.

Saint John have been in need of Methadone for a very long time.

There's not 150 people on the streets selling their bodies.

There's a lot but not 150!!!

But for these people to say in the future that the program is running great because there's only 50 people on the waiting list is pure BS!!!

The Methadone clinic is located outside of the City which is also BS!!!

The place should be located right downtown!!!!

In my view? There could be over 300 people in the Saint John area who needs Methadone.

James C. said...

Charles, Leisure Society is right. You can't just say statements like this and not have numbers or proof to back it up.

You always say that you are a court apointed journalist (I have my opinion on that, but this is not the place for it), well go out and do a little research on the internet, interview doctors in SJ, etc... That is what journalist do, they find a story and get facts about it and report it, they just don't go and say statements like that without actual facts.

And before you go and say you have facts, people telling what they think on the street is not facts.

mikel said...

It's true that that's a number that can't be validated, however, how successful is a program if ANYBODY is on a 'waiting list'. If people can't get into a program then thats' not exactly successful. If your child couldn't go to school but was 'on a waiting list' to get into the school, or if you felt sick but couldn't get into the hospital but were on a waiting list to get into the hospital then that hardly sounds successful.

That's fifty people who want help but can't get it. Like Martin Luther King Jr. said, if ONE person is suffering injustice then the justice system has failed (ok, thats paraphrased).

Great posts here Charles, I doubt even JP would fault you for these blogs, this is the type of stuff (I suspect) people would like to see more of, and less of the melodrama. Just thought I should say.

Anonymous said...

very confusing,very,very confusing,i mean waiting lists everywhere,like how come some of the posters,YOU allow on this board,are rating YOU.I suggest they are either on their way to their psychiatrist appointment or just coming from it.Always willing to tonque in cheek suggest,that you not as stupid as you act,whilst unaware that they are.

Anonymous said...

Waiting lists for methadone?

You think the drug companies would have enough to sell us.

Why don`t we just have our armed forces mail us back the real stuff from Afghanistan directly - no sense paying the CIA middlemen.

You RCMP had better not have your fingerprints on any drug transactions... and if you do - start shredding now and bust your accomplices toute suite.