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Every wondered if you were poor and you would like to go somewhere outside to have a few beers?

It’s almost an impossible task in the Capital.

I’ll use my case for an example.

Last Friday evening, an individual asked him if I wanted to have a few beers?

I went at the Liquor store and bought 18 beers.

My God, the liquor store sure reminds me of the frigate program. The place was full of bureaucrats getting their alcohol after a hard week of work.

While walking on King’s street, I noticed a police officer giving a fine to a homeless guy who was having a beer.

The police seem to be in full force once the welfare checks comes out. These poor soul ussualy drink Listerine during the month but once they get their money?

They buy real liquor and at the end they watch the police dump the beer on the ground.

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I understand that you cannot drink in public on King’s street and I guess the fine is close to $200.00!

A few months ago, a friend of mine was caught drinking a beer in public and he might have to serve his time in prison because there’s no way in the world that he can afford the fine.

I was in court a few months ago to watch a court preceding and I noticed many citizens are telling the judge that they cannot afford to pay the huge fines.

Anyway? Back to my story?

I landed at the individual place and we enjoyed some beers. The individual suddenly had to leave so therefore I was struck with six beers.

I told the individual - Where the heck am I going to drink those beers?

You see the building that I live in don’t allowed alcohol inside the premises but of course I could sneak them in.

I had to locate a place to drink my beers.

Last Friday was a beautiful evening!

I remember when I was living in Saint John. I live in the Glenn Falls area. The house is no longer there.

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I use to visit a lot of friends in the area such as these fine individuals.

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Picture 306

That part of the City reminds you of living in the country.

I would take my dog Zeus and we would disappear in the woods.


My best spot was climbing this huge mountain.

Picture 305

Once there, I would enjoy the beautiful view over a few beers.

I love it especially during a fell moon.

You could see the area for miles and miles.

Ok…back to the Capital?

I started my little walk with my six pack and I had a very difficult task in finding a place to enjoy my beers.

I finally located a wonderful area.

It was near the Saint John River. I walked down a little bank and settle down. It was beautiful!

The river was so calm and you could see the reflection from the walking bridge and the homes on the river. It was very quiet.

Behind me was the church. They have huge spot lights on the building and it lights up for miles and miles.

Picture 025

The Legislature was also in sight but the Dome isn’t as bright as it used to be.

Picture 026

All you could hear was the seagulls mating across the river.

It was perfect!!!

My ADHD minds was relax and once in a while you can see a person jogging by in the dark….but there was a problem?

I was breaking the law I guess? If a police officer would have arrive?

I would have been fine $200.00!

I wasn’t bothering no one and it was a beautiful evening.

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I wasn’t in the Glenn Falls area. I was in the Capital.

I drank four beers bought the empties with me.

I got lucky!!! I met an individual and finish the other beers over their place.

The bottom line is this. I know we can’t have people drinking all over the place. But consider yourself lucky that you have a car and you can escape to the country side and enjoy your relaxing period away from your trouble.

When I was working at the Shipyard? I used to travel all the time and found some very nice area to enjoy a few. < of course I had a sober driver >

But if you’re poor? There’s no way in the world that you can enjoy Mother Nature at its best!

If you have a home near a lake or a river with a patio? Consider yourself very lucky!

It’s just life I guess?

By the way? I was told by a few people not to write on this issue but I'm just giving out my viewa.

So let the condenm comments begin!!!!


Anonymous said...

Think you'll ever move back to Saint John Charles ?

Charles LeBlanc said...

A person never knows where I will land?

Anonymous said...

A good post, and it shows quite accurately just how much 'freedom' the poor have. You see middle class people all the time talking about what a free society we live in. Every society is free to those who just work and go home and keep their mouth shut.

It's been well documented that a high percentage of people in our prisons are there because they cannot pay a fine. In other countries they would call that a human rights issue, but not here. Someday maybe 'poor' will get the rights that minorities and women get, but til then, this human rights issue continues.

Finally, I'd say head into the woods of Odell Park, that's about the safest place I can think of. Or else keep some Pepsi's around and pour the beer into them.

That's a really odd law because most places have picnic areas where you'd always bring some beers with you. The other option is to switch to hard stuff and mix it in a coke bottle! No doubt cops would follow around poor people watching their every move though.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you had a few beers Charles,everyone needs to let their hair down and relax once in awhile. And you deserve it.Good for you.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why you aren't allowed to have a few drinks in your own room, as long as there isn't any trouble, you should be allowed. You pay your rent every month.That doesn't seem to be very fair for you.

Charles LeBlanc said...

This don't bother me because when you have a building of 26 people? You got to have rules.

I agree with the no alcohol on the premises 100%!

From the stories I heard from people on the streets? This place used to be real bad.

Millie made it into a place that a person can indeed relax.

The main point of this blog was to let the people from a different society how it is?

As I have a home near a lake or river? Enjoy every minute of it!!!!

Anonymous said...

Charles, this is a great topic. Not necessarily drinking beer but the fact that it touches on the fact that some people can buy their own waterside retreat, enjoy a campfire, listen to Mother nature or have a beer outside at will and others shall never know such luxury.

I could never understand the laws concerning alcohol consumption in public. During a family backyard wedding at my mothers home, two police officers arrived and informed us that the party would have to be moved into the house (at 3pm) or a tent would have to be erected to shield the view from the public. My sister was marrying a military police officer so the wedding party included seven police officers who all understood that that law was enforceable but was usually only used to break up unruly large out of control situations that had been responded to by a complaint.
A tent was not erected nor did we move into the house, the two officers circled the block for about an hour but did not return nor did we see the police again that night. The two officers must have changed shift at 4pm after spending their last two hours in our little neighborhood.

Funny thing is, that same year during an unusually early spring day, college students nearby were partying on the sidewalks outside apartment buildings, on the roofs of buildings and a few even made it onto Live At 5 and the six o'clock news with Steve Murphy even reported it in a positive sense.

We live in a two tiered system of law application. The next time I plan an outdoor wedding maybe I should arrange to have it the yard of a frat house.
The Watcher