Saturday, April 08, 2006


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Anonymous said...

Whatya doin out late at night, what if you get mugged and your camera stoled??!

Charles LeBlanc said...

This is Fredericton,,,this is New Brunswick....we can always walk around late at night!!!! It's always safe....

Anonymous said...

Now that he has bragged camera being worth $500 it might just happend. Someone may want it.

Anonymous said...

knock wood

Charles LeBlanc said...

I must say that if someone attemps to steal my little toy???

Well? Lets just say that they better make it good because this ADHD half Scotsman is due for a good old fashio fist fight.

I haven't had one in four years and I must admit that I'm due!!!!

People with ADHD are very good in this style of battle.

I felt so good after one because all that hypertension was gone.

They is the reason that 80% of the inmates who are in jail for assault do have ADHD!

Once a person loses it? It's over!!!

But then again? I'm 47 and maybe I'm too old for this foolishness but who truly knows until it happens?

Anonymous said...

So you want to be one of the 80%. That is why commissioners at the Leg consider you security risk.

Why you use ADHD as an excuse to justify stupid actions? You are giving bad name to rest of us. I have ADHD and I feel no need to hit anyone. Do not blame your problems on ADHD.

Anonymous said...

Come on dude, he was clearly making a joke-mostly. Fact is, I've seen studies where most inmates do have ADD. Many also have other mental problems, but really, we don't care.

And doing 'stupid' things is definitely something you can blame on ADD, after all, its in your brain, and that's what controls people's actions. It may not just be ADD though that makes people fight, remember, stress kicks in all those endorphins, just like any sport does. Those are drugs my friend, and the best drugs around!

I think you may be getting a little too old though Charles, remember, hitting is fine, it's getting hit back that's the problem!

However, I think you are pretty safe, just don't punch with the hand that's holding the camera!:)

And there's nothing wrong with a good old fashioned fist fight. People today are such sucks. As long as its a fair fight and nobody gets seriously hurt. Anybody that's been in a fight knows the difference between how to hurt somebody or just hit them. It's those crazy guys who flip out and start biting and going for the throat and clawing at the eyes that are the problem. Some people may call that 'stupid', they're usually the ones who lost:)