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I must give credit where it's due. The new editor of the letters to the editor has been printing my letters.

Brian Kemp was good and this new female is doing the same. Here's my letter but I'll add the pictures!

Parts of city of Fredericton said to need a cosmetic lift

Yes, spring is here but I truly believe this city often forgets it's the capital of New Brunswick. I noticed that many buildings are flying the New Brunswick or Canadian flag. In my opinion, this is a very good gesture but often these flags are worn down and ripped to pieces.

The Human Resources building at the corner of Queen and Regent streets has a Canadian flag but the nice part is in the evening. It has a huge spotlight on the flag and it sure is a beautiful sight.

Why don't other buildings such as the Crowne Plaza (Lord Beaverbrook Hotel) follow the same lead?

Picture 042

All tall buildings should proudly fly their little flags in the evening with a spotlight.

The old York County Court House on Queen Street is a disgrace. They have the highest flag pole in the whole city but no flag.


I did voice my concern but to no avail.

Another ugly site is the flag pole which flies the Union Jack in Officer's Square. It looks as if the flag pole hasn't been painted in years. And I might add it's leaning to one side.

Picture 024

Could this be one of the reasons we need amalgamation of this city and outlying communities - so we can afford a can of paint?

Even the Irving Mainway on King street no longer flies the New Brunswick flag.

Picture 017

The final area for consideration is our famous New Brunswick Legislature.

Picture 039

This was my home for six months and there's not a better site from which to admire the dome in the evenings. It's beautiful.

These days, the dome doesn't show as much at night because of broken spotlights. The security staff added a huge ugly spotlight in the front and it takes the beauty away.

The National Assembly in Quebec did a fantastic job with its security system.


Once the lights are on, you can see the building for miles but not here in Fredericton.

Being the capital city of New Brunswick comes with responsibilities.

The tourist season is just around the corner and we should show visitors that we're proud of our city.

Picture 302

Charles LeBlanc


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Anonymous said...

Excellent letter, although it's clear why they'd have no trouble printing it, it's not exactly a 'hard hitting issue'. It's a good point and as usual the politicians should be ashamed of themselve for not even looking up at the flag of the people who supply their generous paycheques.