Saturday, April 08, 2006


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Someone mentioned in my blog that I should continue my person of the week.

I'll once again give it a shot!!!


Michael G. McKay said...

Hi Charlie I checked out the writ up you did on the Mother and her Children who lost their Apartment the other day, I think that it is only fitting that you make the person who was instrumental in the mother and children getting a new Apartment person Congratulatins Abel Leblanc.

and Way to go Charlie.


Charlie what a joke, to support a man who brought shame to the legislature just shows me shame amongst the you and ABEL. WHAT A JOKE, you suppot a man who tried to defeat a budget that is for NBer's and poor people makes me nelieve Abel is a liberal soldier. CUPE means nothing to him and he will follow his leader to the next election and i am glad cause he gets no PENSION and yes ABEL you get NOOOO PENSION. stop crying Abel you are doene and so are the liberals

Anonymous said...

Although I agree that Charlie Leblanc is an idiot but do not take that on Abel. Abel is a good man. You must be thinking of Bernard Lord who is done. He is the one who is a liar and he thinks he can deceive people again. Not a chance.

Anonymous said...

Good post, keep it civil people. You can be civilized can't you? Abel was obviously chosen for two things, the woman with the children praising him and his letter to the editor. Whether you agree with one or the other I think it's a pretty fair assessment.

Obviously he's a liberal soldier, that's why he's in the party. There are two points to consider, the first is whether this was a good budget or not. If people liked the budget, then they are right to make their remarks against the liberals.

However, for my part the guy is a politician. It's nice what he did for the lady, but making phone calls doesn't make you a saint.

For my money a far better 'person of the week' would have been that woman with the two kids, not the guy who happened to help her out of a jam. She raises her kids the best she can, she doesn't rob banks or convenience stores for money, drugs or booze. It's tough work raising kids and she does it every day of her life on her own (no doubt the family helps out).

THAT is my idea of a person of the week. There are New Brunswickers who work their asses off every day just to get by, there are good works done by churches, charities, organizations and individuals every day. Even corporations that rob you blind occasionally do good deeds and should be praised for them.

Yes, Abel helped out this lady, good for him, but what about HER! Her contributions are just as noteworthy as his-even moreso in my books.

Anonymous said...

Look at MLAs who look after themselves only such a Bernard Lord. So that way Abel is a great gentleman in my book. He did help his constituent in need and he did not ask for recognition. It is lady herself who praised him.

Anonymous said...

What a nice photo of the two of you.The best looking men in Fredericton.But most importantly, you are both very honest men. I think Abel LeBlanc is being treated unfairly, all he did was speak his mind, nothing wrong with that. Abel LeBlanc is well liked and has a lot of support coming his way.He's a good man and doesn't need to be treated like this.

Anonymous said...

As far as the woman and her two children go, they are all doing a lot better now.Thanks to Abel LeBlanc. And NO she shouldn't be the person of the week,I believe Charles has chosen the right person. I am the mother of this lady with the two very sweet children and if it wasn't for Abel LeBlanc my daughter would be out on the street.I thank God for Abel LeBlanc,he's a very caring man.And thank you so much Abel LeBlanc for being there for my daughter and her children.

Anonymous said...

Great Choice Charlie!!

As Able usually finishes every chat with, Keep The Faith!

Anonymous said...

1;43 SHAME ON YOU.I have to tell you this saying and how true it is,WHAT GOES AROUND, COMES AROUND.And to wish that Abel doesn't get his pension,HOW SICK ARE YOU.I can tell that you aren't a very good person.I feel kinda sorry for you.

Anonymous said...

People need to open up and find the real facts. Abel always helped people and it doesn't matter if you are in Saint John or anywhere in NB. Look what really matters is spoke the truth and twist whatever way you want; the truth was spoken. Good man and no one is perfect just take a look at our Premier and some of MLA like Fowlie and many more who turned their backs on the people of NB.

Abel will never receive a pension he is too old; he is their to help people and his agenda is not like some of the other MLA's.

He helped me once and a few friends and a cousin in northern NB.
You don't have to like him or know
him well he will do what he can.

Thank you Charles for bringing this on the Blog; good people are hard to come by.