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Anonymous said...

You do not get the message. Posting picture of your self is idiotic. No one can take you seriously if you do that. It is insane the way you are self-absorbed and display your inferiority complex through your posts.

Charles LeBlanc said...

if you don't like it??? Don't visit this blog site.

I'll be nice here for a second...

I believe that we have a mis-understanding on the pictures issue.

Some people take pictures and put them in a album for a souvenir right?

In my case? I put them in the blog.

Is there really something wrong with this picture? < opps wrong word to use >

Anonymous said...

Yes there is something wrong with that. You say that this is not about you and it is about children with ADHD and about poor yet it is all about you. This kills the message you want to send to visitors of this site.

It is pointed out to help you out in your struggle but it looks your personal ego gets in the way.

If you are telling the truth and honest that you want to help the children and poor then stay on the issues.

You can post your self-pictures on flickr ask those interested to view them there but leave the blog for issues only.

People want to pitch in and help but these self-portraits make a liar out of you.

Another thing. Leave the religion alone too. That is a personal thing.

You are not being honest to those who thought you stood for the cause of ADHD, VLTs, poverty and other similar causes. Very people who want to help you, you are pushing them away by not paying attention to their advice and instead telling them to get lost.

Your site is a chaos because of so many self-praises and self pictures. Because of that you sound completely insane.

Charles LeBlanc said...

You are too funny!!!!

But your point is well taken because A liberal MLA told me last week that if they do a study on Ritalin? I will find other issues to complain about?

I have ADHD < proud of it > We people with this great so call disorder?

Our minds are always racing! You never know what a person with ADHD will say or write about?

Now? If this site was only aout the poor and ADHD? Wouldn't this site be a little boring?

Maybe that's what many readers want?

I don't know but as a former writer of 500 letters to the editor. < the good old days > I always wrote on different issues.

So? Am I not allowed to do the same with my blog?

As for God's minute?

This little blog will stay till the end of my life on this world or long as the blog is on the internet!

Just stroll down and ignore it! It's not hard to do is it?

Now lets be nice......


Anonymous said...

You are using the excuse of ADHD not to do the right thing. Right now your blog is terribly boring because it is me me me and look at me and look at me. Just crying for attention to yourself.

ADHD is no excuse for your current foolishness. You have time and energy to make a difference and you are wasting it.

Your religion thing is wrong to post here. You are turning people off of Catholicism by insisting to throw it at all of us.

There are some good visitors to this site and make contribution through their comments but those comments are lost in your idiotic pictures and religion stuff.

Be smart. Make a difference in the lives of kids, poor and VLT addicts. Overcome your addiction to yourself, as your own pictures of self have to be everywhere.

Those who tell you that you are doing a great job are knowingly or unknowingly hurting you and your cause.

Because of your this insanity no one is taking you seriously otherwise there would have been a study by now.

Why you think more attention is being paid to VLTs than Ritalin because folks fighting for VLTs are not obsessed with themselves the way you are.

Give up the excuse of ADHD and give some focus to causes otherwise you are just persisting with your insanity. There is lots of wasted energy for nothing.

From someone who wants to succeed..

Anonymous said...

Above message is from someone who wants to succeed.

Anonymous said...

Got it wrong again. Wants YOU to succeed.

Anonymous said...

That's your opinion and you're welcome to it. I like the pictures, don't mind seeing Charles (it IS his website). I skip over the religion, I don't like it, but again, it's Charles website. Can we move on?

Bicycle helmets are law because they are vehicles that use the public road system, just like seatbelts are the law for cars. Skateboards aren't allowed on public roads.

Anonymous said...

1:13 if as you say skateboards are not allowed on the roads or streets of the cities? Then why are the Kids in Saint John allowed to fly down King Street just missing many patrons and shoppers who are out and about while you'll see many times a Police car sitting on the bottom of the hill or on the side of City Hall watching them but are doing nothing to curb the problem?

Michael G. McKay said...

Hi Charles, I would like to make a comment if I may. I understand that the law concerning the wearing of a Bicycle Helmet has to do with possible injury on the public streets, However the Skateboard issue is more troubling because it is more difficult to stop a skateboard when travelling at an increased rate of speed. I beleive that the Helmet Legislation needs to be implamented in all cases of traveling except in the use of an automobiles where seatbelts are used. I would like to mention another subject concerning safety that is a bit off topic, and maybe you could find out more about or I might be able to check into it. Someone mentioned tome the idea of Seatbelts on all public transportation such as city Transit and School Busses. where young students are travelling. these two types of transportation seem to be excluded from the safety Bi-Law. I wonder why that is.

Anonymous said...

It is unfortunate Charlie Leblanc refuses helpful hints. He is his own worst enemy. If he wants to make a difference he needs to be a little more focused than obsessed with himself.

ADHD is no excuse. People with ADHD have been presidents and prime ministers. Only difference is that they were no idiots and took the good advice.

It is his site but he will be lot happier if some of his causes are taken seriously.

I know people who are Catholics and I love their faith, I attended church services and liked them but this God’s minutes stuff has turned me right off. So what is he achieving?

Anonymous said...

Skating should require helmets.

Spinks said...

I think you raised this one about a year ago, Charles. Frankly you should have to wear a helmet for both. Legislation is required to make it happen.

As for wearing a helmet on a bike, there's two reasons you should do it (yes YOU, Charles). If you crash and fall off, you're less likely to suffer a serious head injury. How serious is a head injury? Look at Juanita MacKnight (God rest her soul). The car hitting her isn't what killed her. It was when she fell and struck her head on the pavement. Obviously different circumstances but the same thing can happen if you fall off a bike.

#2 - kids look up to adults at a young age and if they see the adults not wearing the helmets, they'll wonder why they don't have to either. Just like wearing a seatbelt, wearing a helmet is good common sense. Next picture you have of you on your bike, Charles, make it with a helmet. We want you around for a long time. (We'll talk about your smoking next time. LOL)

Anonymous said...

Of course by the above logic everybody on the streets, including pedestrians should be wearing helmets!

Skateboards are not allowed on public roads, however, they may be allowed on sidewalks depending on the laws of the particular municipality where you live. However, bicycles are allowed on roads so they are considered public transport, which is why there is increased legislation.

Many municipalities do require skateboarders to wear helmets. There are also scooters out there, and roller blades, which is why most towns tend to not want to get into forcing helmets on skateboarders-there will be no place to stop. At a certain point it is up to people to take the precautions-we can't have laws for everything. Heck I was reading the other day about how Canada has 40 times as many industrial fatalities as Great Britain, which has ten times our population. If they can't push safety in the workplace, it seems odd to go overboard on the streets.

Anonymous said...

the reason skateboarders dont have to wear helmets is because they are not alowed to skate on the road, unlike bikers who ride alongside traffic. which seems more danderous?

Spinks said...

8:50, you know very well that's not what I'm saying. No need to be rude. Head up to the head trauma ward at a hospital and you'll see quite clearly how serious this stuff is. Your choice if you don't want to waer one (you may get fine) but don't belittle what is a good thing to teach kids.