Saturday, April 08, 2006


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To the editor,

I haven’t wrote a letter to your paper in 3 years because you refuse to print letters that’s anti-irving!

I feel that I have no choice but to forward my views on your story on Abel Leblanc letter printed last week.

You wrote that he might end up in jail because he wrote a letter about the appointment of Tanker Mallley as Speaker of the House.

People in Saint John haven’t witness a MLA like Abel LeBlanc in decades.

He speaks his mind on any issue even if it’s against his own Party.

This is Abel’s style and 90% of the citizens in the city respect him for it.

I’m not going to write about all the good deeds Abel has done for the citizens in this area during his lifetime because I would need the whole paper.

I would rank Abel close to the great Lou Murphy who was loved by many people also.

If by chance? The Speaker of the House Tanker Malley takes action against Abel LeBlanc?

Well, if there was even a chance that the citizens would revolt? This will surely be the case!

Keep up the good work of speaking out Abel and all the citizens around this province are watching this issue very closely!!!

Charles LeBlanc



Anonymous said...

This letter is in support of Abel Leblanc (MLA - Saint John).

I just want to take this opportunity to say what a wonderful human being he is.

Not only is he honest and sincere, he has a genuine humanity for his people.

I think his voicing his opinion was in accordance to our Canadian rights of Freedom of Speech, and I believe that he has a right to speak his mind on any issue that he sees of importance to himself.

He is a good man, who has done many things to help myself and my family, and I am in support of him 100%.

I really hope that all will be forgiven in this matter and that he will be able to move on with it with his chin up and his public's support.

Thank you very much! And all the best to you Abel!!!

Anonymous said...

He is only stating what is fact!

I'm sure he has heard more than one version of this from the many many people he talks to which I can see being a good possibility because that's a;; everybody esle is saying as well.

So I guess since Mr.Malley can't take half of New Brunswick to court for this, He'll try to rain on a good man's parade.

Too bad so sad Mr.Malley, You should have saved a few bucks and went to the Rolling Stones Concert.

That's where you could have heard for yourself,,You Can't Always Get What You Want, But You get what you need.

So stop being a Conservative on the inside and a independant on the outside.

There really is no more room for two faces have I, left in the House of Representatives.