Thursday, November 22, 2007


taser death
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Thank God we live in Canada!!!

Any taser death in Canada will be reported across this country!

If it was down the States? You'll never hear a whisper.....

The media are concentrating on this issue BIG TIME!!!

But for how long????


Anonymous said...


Your a riot,hhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaa

When your hot your hot

when your not your not

When your DEAD you don't care where you live.

I read the books
You will look hard to find this kind of sadistic actions,EVEN CHINA

Anonymous said...

Just look at these cops,they look crazy.

I had one stop me the other day,a skinhead,damn scarey.
I checked their requirements on computer,i was surprised they wouldn't qualify for chainsaw operator(THANK GOD)or flagperson.

Anonymous said...

You’re right thank God we live in Canada. Big deal 3 or 4 died, for the amount of times they use there tasers and only 3 or 4 died I think there doing well! Tasers are being used everyday in this country and they don’t all die. At lease our police officers don't walk around with machine guns like in other countries. The job they do is dangerous and people don't have any respect for theme whatsoever. Keep up the good work in keeping our streets safe! Keep using those tasers and maybe people will start having a little more respect for you guys. I sure know that I would stay calm knowing that they have a taser on there belt!!

Anonymous said...

Good comment sergent,
Didn't know you could read,hahahaa

Anonymous said...

Police didnt carry Tasers or Machine Guns not too long ago,why should they need them now? What has changed so much that they would need these crude devices? There nothing safe about a taser,people who have been tasered should be hospitalized for at least 24 hours as it does mess up the bodys nervous system!

Anonymous said...

True Respect comes from a persons good actions not from carrying a gun or a taser that can what seems to be used any time they feel like it,If Police dont get Respect then what is causing it ( could it be that your government dosent respect the people)? I bet those 3 or 4 People were not Your Family !