Thursday, November 22, 2007


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I'm waiting for an email from the Mother of the child so I can blog the sad story.

I was told that a Female Principal from District 18 ordered a child to be on prescription drug.

The parent had two choices?

1 - If the child is on drugs? He can stay in the classroom for the whole day.

2- If the parent refuse to drug their child? The kid will will in a room all alone and sent home at Noon!!!

Only in New Brunswick!!!

Truly stay tuned!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Just another reason that makes us glad we home school our kids here in Fredericton!

Beth said...

What right does a teacher or principal have, recommending or more like pushing drugs on our children, to make their job a little easier, they aren't doctors and even some doctors are wrong to give prescriptions to our children when "NO TESTING" has been done on the child, they can't tell what's wrong with the child by just looking at them but they do it daily and get away with it, "WHY"cause their doctors? Doctors can be wrong too.I know New Brunswick is behind the times in some ways, But when it comes to our children, things have to change. I've never seen anything like this before this school has no right. The schools are suppose to work with parents. I can't wait to hear all of this story on this child, that principal should be replaced ASAP. We don't need people like her in our schools. More parents should speak up.

Just Passing said...

This does indeed sound extreme but how can you call for the replacement of a principal "ASAP" when all you have is a few lines in a blog, a promise (as yet unfulfilled) and a "stay tuned"? You say You "can't wait to hear all of this story on this child" yet you already seem to have decided what action should be taken regardless of how little you know. Wouldn't it be better to hear as much as possible of both sides of a story before passing judgement? I suspect were YOU accused of something you would not want others passing sentence so quickly.

Anonymous said...

Well thats what you get for dumping your children in government institutions! More government interference in our daily lives! The Teachers not all but many just want a rowdy child to shut up and most dont care how! They then call in thier social workers who in turn want you to send your children to thier phychiatrist who force all kind of exotic drugs into the kiddys out of kindness !

Beth said...

"JUST PASSING" I know more than what you think, I'm just waiting to hear from that mom.

Anonymous said...

The Principal is making a Medical Diagnoses and Prescribing Drugs ! She is Practicing Medicine without a License,if this is the case She should be Charged? Just an Idea?
People should look into how many types of Jobs or positions their Child cannot hold after being on the these Drugs as they cause permanent Brain Damage ! Ritalin and Similar Drugs are nothing more the Speed in a Fancy Package!

Just Passing said...

Then if you know more than I think you should know better.

Anonymous said...

The dummies who think Sending their kids to school into another language should be,or have been the one's drugged.
People should start realizing they can sue for incompetence,plus loss of a comfortable revenue from well educated kids with good pay,instead of what they receive qualifications for,which is Tim Horten's,Army ,or RCMP.No where near enough extra money to keep a parent happy and bingoe in their old age.
So keep all records of people who are responsible for this ,and be ready for a class action lawsuit against the province of new brunswick.And first name on list would be mckenna,who started the "Bilingual for profit" movement.
Also all names who call themselves "friends of french",which translated means "money for my pocket"

My "before bilingualism" kids are a very happy successful well traveled bunch,and, by the way I was able to retire 15 years early and you will also once your lawsuit is started and the "damage" money starts rolling in.Remember the residential schools!! They got BILLIONS and you can too.
Remember,The Official Languages Act of NB specifically states,"YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO BE SERVED IN THE LANGUAGE OF ((YOUR)) CHOICE."