Thursday, November 22, 2007

Saint John Police Chief - Don't worry Charles? I'm also waiting for the conclusion of the investigation!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Investigation is the official police term for coverup. What do y'all predict will result from any of these police actions:

Man tasered at scam speed trap

Critical injuries in B.C. tasering

Man Tasered to death in Nova Scotia Jail

I don't believe the cops are incompetent - I believe they've been explicitly trained to do this.

Even if you capture them taping you, they might just go ahead and delete your evidence, just like they've lied about doing in Charles' case.

Watch out for tasers, Charles. Maybe you need some aluminum body armor.

Anonymous said...

A little electric shock won't hurt Charles... It might make him blink...

Anonymous said...

your right 2:14 this is what they are TRAINED to do! No properly raised Human Being does these inhumane things to another!