Thursday, November 22, 2007

Headphones will cause hearing lost in great numbers in 20 years from now!!!!

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I can't go nowhere with this little toy!!!

I love listening to music while walking around the City!

I started this little trend when I'm 48!!

Can you imagine having this little toy since the age of 10???

You can buy headphones whice are very close to your ear drums.

Do I have to say more????


Anonymous said...

Just turn down the volume. It's time for people to take some personal responsibility and not blame society or MP3 players for their problems.

Anonymous said...

Its not the people enjoying their earphones complaining.
It is the sour looking people,who hate anyone enjoying themselves,complaining.
If it one thing this country is know for,is the attempt to stifle happiness.
And thats a fact.

Anonymous said...

turn it up - you can get new hearing in the future, technology is advancing

Anonymous said...

It's the volume, not the ear-phones. And don't sit too close to the TV either:)