Thursday, November 22, 2007


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While heading towards New Brunswick, the driver and I quickly realized that we were both getting a little tired and edgy!!!

I took over the wheel and I was tired.

It’s very difficult for a individual with TRUE ADHD individual to stay in a vehicle for such a long period.

I should have taken a bottle of Ritalin with

After an hour of driving?

The owner of the vehicle told me that I was following the car ahead of me too closely.

I told the guy that I knew what I was doing so he should just shut up!!!

Hey? I survived the 401 right?

He shot back and raised his voice and ordered me to stop the car on the busy highway!

Hey? It’s his car right?

So I stopped the vehicle.

I sat on the passenger side and told the guy - You better be awake for a long time!!!

I took a sleeping pill and told the guy to wake me once we’re in New Brunswick!!!

Well? He knew he couldn’t make it so he decided that he would really wake me up!

I made a stop at an IRVING GAS STATION IN QUEBEC!!!! ARRGGG!!!!

I walked in and he went to use the phone.

I was surprised to noticed the Irvings were selling Mashedy's
in their store.


There was one employee working there and his name was Jean Phillippe!

A very nice guy!!!

The owner of the vehicle told me that he phoned New Brunswick and told his family that we wouldn’t be able to make it back!

It was a another 12 hours drive.

We’re going to sleep in a motel!!!

The Irving employee quickly went for his phone and contacted a Motel for us.


While he was chatting I was surprise to see all the beers the Irvings sold in their store.


What a big difference from New Brunswick?

We drove a few miles and located the Motel.

After enjoying a few cold beers we decided to call it a night!


But little did anyone know?

We were heading for one big surprised in the morning.

Stay tuned...


Anonymous said...

WOW!! Stay Tune

Le seul Ranger manèges nouveau

-raincheck said...

quos-tu fais là?? you shouldn't smoke in bed!!! don't you remember those tv commercials when we were kids?