Sunday, January 27, 2008

Another tazing in Vancouver by the R.C.M.P.!!!

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On a homeless man I guess.....


Anonymous said...

A healthy guy (Homeless or not) causes a disturbance, fails to comply to the rules of law and picks a fight with police officer(s) and hit's one of them and gets zapped; He earned it as far as I am concerned; didnt police services get created to pick up where the common man (women) couldn't ensure to protect him or herself from out of control and criminal individuals. were they not given the power to investigate and pursue those who trespass against their fellow human beings?

Frankly, hot heads shouldn't infringe on other peoples' right unless they are willing to accept societies' consequences.

Anonymous said...

If thats the story the bum got what he deserved

-- maurice the homeless guy --

Anonymous said...

In my view You dont have to be a bum to deserve being dealt with by societies decency to other's rules. You just have to be an asshole to deserve it no matter how much money you have.

Anonymous said...

Dear 7:32

You act like life is somehow fair... If you grow up in a poor or marginalized part of society - fairness and life don't often go along.

All people are saying - is don't tase people without a damn good reason (i.e. a situation where you would need to shoot otherwise). If we go past accepting these acts, how soon until we'll be herded around like cattle for real? I'd rather go through life sans tasing, but I'll probably get another speeding ticket or two - let's keep the law based on reality, not some utopian vision of how it should be (if tasers factor heavily into our government's 'final solution' - I say we get some new people in place).

In the old days the whole Canadian Police killing the hysterical polish guy at the airport would never have happened. They would have pulled out 5 guns and had him sitting meekly on the floor within seconds.

Police regulations take way too much of a person's freedom to think or make changes. We're living under guidelines and police commanders who proved themselves over the last 26 year drug war. Judging by the number of kid addicts these days, they've done a poor job of fixing things.

If we continue down the route they're taking us, what sort of civil infractions won't we accept from police?

The American style SWAT tactics are not something I'd ever like to see overused in N.B...

That's just me - you might have your own preferences, but as long as I'm not actively harming or physically threatening you, don't tase me 'bro.

Anonymous said...

You can do all of the deep thinking you want. My point is when police enforce the laws we have agreed for them to enforce (Those laws we have agreed upon to protect you and them the way they are written) they should use the tools they have in a measured approach the same way you as an individual can protect your rights and property against anyone in a measured way. Police don't make the laws, they just enforce them on our behalf dont' they ?
May be you can enlighten me as to how that works ?

mikel said...

Police DO make laws. The use of tazers was not brought in by legislation, it was brought in by a bureaucratic decision within the police force itself-no MLA voted on it.

Even if it was legislation, which way did you vote on it? Laws and regulations are not something 'we' agreed to, no new law has 'our' agreement. Did you 'agree' to have your taxes raised? Did you agree to ban children from using ATV's? You had no choice in the matter and neither was even part of the last election campaign so even the one chance you have of taking part in the system didn't mean your 'agreement'.

Unless you think not rioting in the streets or trying to take over the government signals 'our agreement' then all these laws happen with little regard to 'us' or 'our agreement'.

Far more frightening than police using tazers is people saying 'he got what he deserved'. Do I hear goosestepping in the distance?

Anonymous said...

Police are using Tasers not to stop Violence but are Using Taser as a means coercion which is DEAD wrong! Show me a Law or Act where the People have Voted by Ballot or a Show of Hands on!? I dont think One Exists in New Brunswick or Canada?
Pick a fight with a Cop,You mean they probably encouraged it more than likley!

Do You Think Canadians would have Voted yes on Free Trade,or the GST? We now have No More Work in this Province and You can thank the politbureau for this! Undercover Communists thats what they really are!

Anonymous said...

So they try to arrest the bum,
the bum wants to fight and start to swings at the cops.
They cant fight with the bum because it would be police brutality.
They cant shoot the guy
They cant taze him either.

So what the hell were the cops suppose to do??
Go hide in the squad car and lock the doors and waits until he leaves?

Anonymous said...

No just go back to tims and drink another coffee? Police are trained to drop him flat with minimal force,is there a problem !

Anonymous said...

Chicago study calls Taser's safety claims into question
Last Updated: Wednesday, January 30, 2008 | 6:05 AM ET
CBC News

Taser stun guns may not be as safe as their manufacturer claims, according to a study carried out by Chicago researchers, CBC News has learned.

The team of doctors and scientists at the trauma centre in Chicago's Cook County hospital stunned 11 pigs with Taser guns in 2006, hitting their chests with 40-second jolts of electricity, pausing for 10 to 15 seconds, then hitting them for 40 more seconds.

When the jolts ended, every animal was left with heart rhythm problems, the researchers said. Two of the animals died from cardiac arrest, one three minutes after receiving a shock.

The findings call into question safety claims made by Taser International, the Arizona company that makes the stun guns, which are used by dozens of police departments across Canada.