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What is the real reason the Fredericton ECMA denied a media pass to blogger Charles LeBlanc??? Racism against the poor????

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I’m surprise of the feed back I’m hearing on the streets about this one?

Yes, God knows who reads this blog?

Lets be serious for one moment?

What’s the real reason the people in charge of the ECMA in Fredericton refuse to even communicate with me via email?


It’s a known fact that bureaucrats are known cowards.

They work behind the scenes but refuse to give their name away.

Who can blame them?

I wouldn’t fool around with the bigger blogger and Bullshitter in New Brunswick either?

These people are very sneaky.

Look at the time the Premier invited me to the Centennial Building for a picture of him serving lunch for the United Way.

These coward bureaucrats ordered the Commissionaires not to let me in the building.

The Premier himself was confuse?

I remember the time I showed up at Rick Miles Campaign headquarters during the Provincial election.

Once a guy from the Riding of Fredericton-Silverwood found out that I came from the Fredericton Soup Kitchen?


He quickly said- We don’t want those people around here!!!

Trust me!!! I don’t lose my temper too often but I did in that area!!!

Boy!!! Was I ever upset!!! It wasn't a pretty sight!!!!

Pure racism against the poor!!!

This was proven when the riding refuse to accept my request to go to Edmundston for the Liberal Meeting!!!

It was again proven when I believe the Liberal Mla’s and Executive of the Riding Fredericton-Silverwood denied me the right to the Christmas Party even when I was invited.

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So? What’s the real reason the ECMA denied me a media pass?


Is it racism against the poor?

I believe it is!!!

It’s bureaucrats running the show and they’re making certain the events will be attended by snobs only!

Someone is not thinking straight because the event could have been promoted in the Irving’s paper and other media outlets including my blog.

Now? If you google ECMA in Fredericton?

My blog site shows up and that’s not a good thing.

These people totally refuse to acknowledge my emails so I have to blog the issue in my blog.

What else can I do?

I remember last year during the Fredericton Winterfest? They wanted to charge me to go inside.

Irving's photographers don't pay to take pictures of an event.

Now? You search for Fredericton Winterfest and my blog is right there!!!

I could just ignore the situation and move on!!!!


Is it racism against the poor or just my paranoid imagination?



That simple ! said...

Just paranoid imagination; Irving staff treat people within the law and respect others the way you like being lawfully respected. You fail to respect others based on those rights which are not only for the poor but for everyone even those you don't like for personal reasons or whatever your ill perceived measure of "rights and freedom of speech" is.( Such as; I have those rights but the people I "confront" don't. ). That is the difference between you and educated journalist s! Judge McCaroll may have stated you were just applying your trade, in his restricted position, he couldn't have added the way you are doing so is without respect to other people's rights and without the skills most of these mediums have acquired and earned that makes them respected and true journalists.

Since I will be paying for this; When I go to any of the ECMA events
I better not come and see you in my face & taking photos of my personal life for your private blog! Why ? Because I am paying to be entertained and not for your intrusion on my life !

Charles LeBlanc said...

Spoken like a true bureaucrat!!


Did you know if you wish to be a true educated journalist in New Brunswick?

You have to receive the OK from the Irvings??

Did you knew this???


Anonymous said...

Since I will be paying for this; When I go to any of the ECMA events
I better not come and see you in my face & taking photos of my personal life for your private blog! Why ? Because I am paying to be entertained and not for your intrusion on my life under the lie of I am a journalist!
# posted by Anonymous That simple ! : 4:20 PM

Charles LeBlanc said...


Anonymous said...

"?????????" My understanding is that he or she is paying for the show and not for your perceived "self entertainment"...

Anonymous said...

He or she has a point, wouldn't you agree ?

Snowman said...

The ECMAs are not against the poor, charles.
They probably just don't wanna have you going at every show taking hundreds of photos while at the same time being a distraction for the paying attendance and the performers.
And there will be press people covering the event coming from other media organization other than the Irvings. You've been told that many times, but you choose to ignore this.

Charles LeBlanc said...

Not really because like the Harvest Fastival?

I go in and out after I take pictures of the band.

You're making it sound like I'm singling people out.

Not fair but that's ok!!!!

This issue is all about freedom of the press in New Brunswick..

Anonymous said...

lets be realistic; You'r not the press or TV media. You'r an individual with a personal diary on the world wide web...
There is over 6 billion of us...with that credential...

Anonymous said...

... world wide web publicized personal diary without accountability and consequences may be...There lies the value of it...not worth much if anything come to think of it...

Anonymous said...

What is the real reason the Fredericton ECMA denied a media pass to blogger Charles LeBlanc??? Racism against the poor????

May be because there is no special reason you should get a free media pass.
Being poor is a state of mind anyway,not an accreditation or social status. I ran out of cash two days before pay day, should I be entitled to free access to the ECMA? Let me know if that is how the world works, I can think of a million and one application to this rationale. The Hell with working for earning a living ! I'm in !

Charles LeBlanc said...

Lets get one thing straight right now!!!

I sent two emails to the people in charge of the ECMA in Fredericton but never received an answer.

Going from past pratice at Rick Miles Election headquarters and the Christmas Party?

I believe it's just cowards bureaucrats hiding behind close doors.

Anonymous said...

my point exactly; You'r no more entitled to a free pass to the ECMA than I am...If they give you one, than I shall get one too !
Equal rights and freedom for everyone!

Anonymous said...

You are right. They should just tell you to get a ticket like everyone else and expect you to behave like everyone else paying for that ticket.

Charles LeBlanc said...

If the Irvings don't pay ya enough money?

That's not my problem.

Journalists gets free beers and tickets!!!!

Bloggers gets Bouncers and R.C.M.P.!!!!

Anonymous said...

Finally !

Now you see the difference between a recognized "journalist" and someone else such as a "blogger" !
With standards comes recognition. If journalists believe they are being bribed, professionally they (should) decline and back off. You on the other hand seek to be bribed and enjoy. (No standards or values)

Anonymous said...

i didn't realize the "poor" were even a race. thanks for clearing that up.
do you even know what the word bureaucrat means?

Anonymous said...

"I didn't realize the "poor" were even a race. thanks for clearing that up.
do you even know what the word bureaucrat means?

Anonymous 09:54" Can you clarify what you mean ???

Anonymous said...

just an fyi here charles

If you were at an event and took a picture of someone who didn't want to be photographed, since they have paid to attend the event, they have the right to ask you not to take their picture, and if you still did, they could then complain to the owner of the establishment and have you removed. It's not a public place, so they have a right to privacy.

Anonymous said...


Had fun on your blog this evening !

Good nite !

P.s.: Keep the good pics coming and stay out of trouble.

Charles LeBlanc said...

I proven at an event? I'm a pro when it comes to taking pictures.

I have an Eagle eye!!!

The only pictures the public will see is a couple of pics in the Irving's papers....

No souvenirs for the bureaucratic ECMA!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my God Charles!
Thanks for the chuckle of the day!
"Racism against the poor???" ????????
Too funny!

Anonymous said...

I believe it's just cowards bureaucrats hiding behind close doors

Hmmm, can't understand why they are not responding to your emails when you have so much respect for them.

Anonymous said...

Not responding to you e-mails??? If I remember correctly I saw an e-mail that you posted from ECMA telling you all about the free concerts and that they were not against the poor... Just buy the damn ticket and you will be able to take all the pictures you want. ECMA do not need your publicity, they will have some media coverage from all over the country. Now it's time for you to move on to something else find something else to right about your blog is getting boring... "Stay tuned... Truly stay tuned" we are still waiting for stories from 3 or 4 years ago.

Anonymous said...

You refer to "racism" but I think you mean discrimination - being poor is not a race. Also, Charles, Ithink you are rude and start taking "pot shots" at anyone who won't give you what you want. I have a very nice camera and all I have to do si start a "blg" and I should get into all the events in the city for "free" - sorry I disagree. The Journalists have credentials - which trains them to be neutral (despite what you think). You are no Peter Mansbridge. A journalist must complete post secondary training and knows how to attend an event and not really be seen. They are trained and if they id not get a pass they in no way would take it to the airways and start naming and blaming - why, because they are paid to do a job - it's not a hobby as it is for you. All those budding hotogrophers in this city are not given a pass and they too have an "eagle eye". You have to get serious and some day this blog is gonna get you in trouble for slander and liable.

Anonymous said...

Wow Charles,

25 comments and not one thing positive... There are a lot of sadistic people commenting on your blog.

Why would you come to a blog like this when you don't want the blogger to cover events and would prefer that corporate media have sole press access?

I find it terribly hard to believe so many people would be against you if you had no real insight on the societal infrastructure of our dear province.

The East Coast Music Awards are making their position vis-a-vis corporate control evident by the prominent position of the golden arches on their website (how McDonalds employees can afford the tickets?) and their denying access to New Brunswick's #1 blogger and leading reporter for all things non-Irving approved.

Please keep up the good work, despite the haters and corporate cheerleaders. They won't appreciate what you do until their masters make them redundant and send them out into the cold world they're been taught to deny.

Mayor McCheese said...

Yes anon 3:08, I indeed received the memo today from McDonald's head office indicating they wrote the ECMA's reminding them McDonald's would pull their sponsorship if Charles got a media pass. We can't be too careful now can we?

Anonymous said...

I agree with the last guy. Don't be a Charles hater! Let him shine.


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Charles is a journalist. He's just not a J-school, cookie cutter journalist. Sure, he goes over the edge sometimes. But his biases are out in the open. Say that about any other news source.

And, he often scoops the big guys! Laugh if you will, but even CBC picked up his story about squirrels eating LED lights!

Charles isn't where I get all of my news, he's one of many sources. Keep going, Charles.

Anonymous said...

I think the personal attacks on Charles and the comments where people make fun of him for using the term racism instead of discrimination are disgusting. Keep up your good work Charles and ignore the haters.

As for your article I happen to agree. First of all why shouldn't Charles be given the opportunity to get his perspective on the ECMA's out there? Who gets to decide what makes something or someone a "good journalist" or not? The ECMA's are supposed to be a celebration of Atlantic artists showcasing their talent and promoting their craft. Why is Charles denied the right to do so?

Why should some Irving approved (simply because the Irvings pay their paychecks) writers get in for free? I'll tell you why. Because the reporters who get in for free will be hard pressed to give the events they attend a bad review.

How did some of you put it?????? Real journalists are educated so they meet some specific standard therefore their opinions are given a level of legitimacy. Riiiiight..... Because educated people are NEVER biased, NEVER self serving and are ALWAYS going to tell their stories from everyone's perspective.

You never get the real story when you only have one source, the perspectives of people from many different walks of life need to be given the chance to be heard. I think you are brave Charles for doing what you do and making sure your voice is heard. There are many who fee the same way but don't have the courage to try and get their thoughts out there. Good luck!