Sunday, January 27, 2008


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Anonymous said...

Freedom from the alcohol deseased stores. Now let's fight to get all of the other liquor stores closed. Than lets move on to the elimination of all of the slot machines ! Than, let's eliminate the cigarettes manufacturers. Just think how our health system would improve and cost less and really look after the people with real need.
Charles, I think you got a thing going here !

Anonymous said...

Prohibition really worked out the last time, didn't it?

Anonymous said...

Yes actually Prohibition did work.
It was the bought police and polititions that were the crooks,and made the Kennedy's,and Bromfmans billionaires,amongs other very exciting things of that era.
It would take a country with respectable caring leaders to do the right thing.sure

Anonymous said...

No, it didn't work. It's enforcement was very expensive, people ignored the law in their own homes (where it was unenforceable), and the black-market grew tremendously because of all the demand for booze. You see, the thing is that there isn't much of a point of outlawing booze unless nobody actually wants booze, which of course isn't true.

The more important issue here is that it's a matter of personal choice, that everyone has to make up their own mind and take responsibility for their actions, instead of looking towards the establishment to do everything for you.

Now, for the spelling lesson:
- Diseased
- Politicians

Anonymous said...

Yes actually Prohibition did work.

Well, if the goal was to stop people from drinking, it should didn't seem that way.

It would take a country with respectable caring leaders

Hell, while you're at it - why don't you suggest we let the aliens run things.

I've seen more evidence of aliens than the existence of caring leaders (historically and at present).

Anonymous said...

just had a funny thought. lot of people who use that store dont have cars. will there be a rise in drug use downtown or will there be a rise in bootlegging because people can not get up the hill to the liquor store?