Sunday, January 27, 2008


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The drugs compagnies knows that Mike Murphy gave more orders to the school system to drug and kill our children.

Very sad.

So? To keep our children safe in the playground? The drug compagnies will lobby the Government that it's safer to drug the kids.

and the Government wonders why the immigrants don't wish to stay in this Province?

Far fetch????? I don't think so!!!!


Anonymous said...

We better close up all those Playgrounds quickly as someone May get hurt and Die! It might be better to Drug all the Children up and make them all Drooling Idiots for Safteys Sake! Better hire a few thousand more Social Workers to Harrass and Distress the Parents of any Child that falls and tears up thier knees!

Kelly Lamrock and Mike Murphy are the ones who really need the Drugs!

Anonymous said...

Should Post all Deaths related to The Drugs Forced upon Children,as I think its well into the Thousands! Not 18!

Anonymous said...

The drugs compagnies knows that Mike Murphy gave more orders to the school system to drug and kill our children.
WOW - are you accusing Mr. Murphy of being responsible for killing children - cause that's how this reads.

Anonymous said...

According to this report, 71% of NB high-schoolers report being mildly depressed. The same report indicates a strong trend away from illegal drug use over the last 10 years, however - it doesn't say what increases in psychiatric drug use might help account for this finding. Replacing Cannabis with Prozac might help with Lily's bottom line, but are the children really in better shape?

Here is a nice set of recent provincial statistics, in case others are interested in seeing how their theories fit the data (1).

I was really shocked by the decreases in illicit drug use since 1998, but the data for the mental health section could really use a comprehensive update.

Anonymous said...

The Doctors have a Pill for everything rather than a totally natural approach that will carry minimal if any side effect! I would sooner see them smoke Weed rather than hack someones head off after coming down off of Prozac!

Notice we dont see very many studies on the adverse side effects of anti depressants?