Sunday, January 27, 2008

Blue lights are remove from the Downtown area!!!

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The culprits???? Squirrels!!!!!

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Here's a blog from last year -

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The City installed these blue lights in different trees in the downtown core over one year ago.


I was told this coward vandalism act happen last weekend. Some jerks remove the electrical gadget from the trees.

What I find strange is that the City never remove the items from Officer’s Square.


Yes, it’s pretty hard to beautified this City when you have jerks around. What can a person do?



Anonymous said...

this is all b.s. , the squirrells story is made up. I hear all of the blue lights will be replaced with red ones next winter.

Anonymous said...

Wages for NB Power Group of Companies last year $200,000,000.
A transfer of transfer payments to the wantons.

Anonymous said...

nope not made up, charles knows the news before cbc...on thier website today, don't know how they will wean the squirrals of the plastic though...

Anonymous said...

$200 million a year?

Will we be able to sue some of this back when the dam breaks, or has it already flown off to the Bahamas like the rest of our money (in the sense that it is backed by our debts, property and labor)?