Sunday, January 20, 2008

A citizen has a concern about the ECMA in Fredericton!!

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"Instead, the ECMAs have compromised, by putting a public relations expert in charge of determining whether a publication warrants legitimacy."

From what has been said here,the media EXPERT must be on vacation.

Like we got to limit this and that but Charles can't be media but Charles can be media if he pays.


Charles pays,,he's a SHOOTER

The Irvings offer to pay,oh no,no sir its free??????

I'm lost.

Human Rights?


Who's on first,I don't know!


Anonymous said...

Although the ECMAs promise to be a great time - if they maintain this position, I will be boycotting & encouraging other who oppose a monopoly on public information to boycott the 2008 Fredericton ECMAs.

Snowman said...

Okay, is this blackmailing so Charles can get a free pass?

Charles was a big distraction at Willie O'Ree's celebrations last week when he took way too many shots and having no respect whatsoever for the people attending the event.

And may I say that it wasn't the first time that Charles try to steal someone else's spotlight by acting like he's the king of the county at an event that doesn't even involves him?

Charles LeBlanc said...

Hey snownman?

Where ya there???

If you were?

You should have confronted me in person?

But cowards like yourself don't have the guts to face a problem!!!


mikel said...

That's a good point Charles and should be a blog itself, or do you have the guts to criticize yourself-or at least listen to criticism? At events like the country music festival where you can move around its not as big a deal, but the same criticism was made when you were at the David Suzuki lecture. People said you were there running all over the place taking dozens of photos.

I don't know if its true or not, never having been there. But this isn't the first time this complaint was heard, and telling people to confront you doesn't deal with it.

If you can't sit still long enough to not be centre of attention, then its understandable that you wouldn't be given a press pass for the ECMA. If people think you'd be practically up on the stage taking pictures, then its no surprise.

That's a valid criticism and one you should explain. What is your policy on taking pictures at events? If you weren't 'showing respect', was that because you were taking pictures, or what? Taking pictures doesn't show a lack of respect, but it can distract from a ceremony, and photographers learn how to take pictures with a minimum of interruption (again, we don't know how much you do interrupt, only that several complaints have been made).

JP must be tired of criticizing so I'll do it for him.

Charles LeBlanc said...

I don't go on the stage. The Suxuki one? I did and I got a fantastic shot to show the place was full!!!

I'm all over the place and I bent over not to distract the people around.

I believe that I did good at the harvestfestival.

I got nothing to prove

I got an eagle eye for pics


Anonymous said...

Who mention human rights.
gordo porter.ask the teachers.hahaha

A generation ago, illiberal elements in the "official" Jewish community pressed Canadian governments to introduce laws limiting free speech. The targets of those laws were invariably poor, unorganized, harmless neo-Nazi cranks and conspiracy theorists such as Ernst Zundel and Jim Keegstra — nobodies who were turned into international celebrities when they were prosecuted for their thought crimes.

But now come Mr. Elmasry and Mr. Soharwardy and their ilk, using the very precedents set by the Canadian Jewish Congress.

Before Mr. Soharwardy went to the Alberta Human Rights Commission, he went to the Calgary Police Service and demanded that they arrest me. He's done that three times now, and they've rejected him every time. But he only had to ask the willing enforcers of the human rights commission once.

What a strange place Canada is in 2008, where the police care more about human rights than the human rights commissions do, where fundamentalist Muslims use hate-speech laws drafted by secular Jews, and where a government bureaucrat can interrogate a publisher for 90 minutes, and be shocked when he won't shake her hand in greeting.

Ezra Levant, an Alberta lawyer and author, was publisher of the now-defunct Western Standard magazine from 2004 to 2007.

Just Passing said...

Not tired mikel but just as many other people in this province I do have work that must be done. I came here for the chuckles but stay for the insanity. But I must admit I was quite surprised to see this latest contribution from you, especially after just leaving your earlier writings...(talk about flogging as dead horse there, How do you spell monotonous? m-i-k-e-l) ...But I digress, You couldn't entirely keep from back peddling though but you did make it almost to the end. It really is quite refreshing to read something from you simply put and straight to the point. Its a pleasant (all though probably short lived)example of what you can do when you refrain from trying to justify the actions of Charles by holding everyone else responsible and simply concentrate on what he says and does instead of what you "think" he means. (Over analyzing Charles is problematic in and of itself after all). Alas, I am not nearly so naive to think it will last...I fear its just not your nature.