Sunday, January 20, 2008

A reader suggest an idea to Charles about the walking trails in the Irving's paper!!!

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I didn't know anything about this one until someone email me this one.

Yeah, someone or group should get together and put this idea to work!!!!

Walking trail club a good idea

I read Charles Leblanc’s letter about wanting the city to clear walking trails and I thought why not start a trail walkers club? It would need someone dedicated to the cause, much like Leblanc, to get it going at first. But in the end it would be a great club with lots of members, and the trails would be full of people all year long.

You could sell memberships and buy groomers as the club expands. Club volunteers could take turns grooming the trails. Walkers could buy a pass, and a tag could be worn to identify club members to the trail wardens something like snowmobilers do now.

Just think of the cash this type of system would save the city for things like providing the greatest amount of services to the largest amount of people within their budget.

Miles Gahan

Maugerville, N.B.

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mikel said...

Question is, how do you groom the trail with no equipment? Charles doesn't exactly have the cash for a snowplow.

But that's how many snowmobile trails are maintained, and how many natural trails are maintained.

The cost to the city of having an employee work an hour or two overtime would be about $60 bucks per snowfall. That literally comes to pennies per taxpayer. Since the city has the cash for a new convention centre, wouldn't $60 bucks be pretty reasonable? In fact, the 'trail members' could essentially just raise that money for the city and give them a cheque.