Sunday, January 20, 2008


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ECMA actually isn't just for the rich. In fact the event has plenty of FREE programming throuout the weekend including the Discovery Stage at Sweetwaters (formerly the 72-hour jam) and Fan Fest at the Regent Mall (Saturday) where big name East Coast artists will be performing for FREE all day in the food court and signing autographs for fans after their shows.

The Playhouse will also be offering three FREE shows in association with CBC Radio: Jian Ghomeshi (host of Q) will be hosting a FREE show on Friday,

February 8th at noon with Joel Plaskett (7 time ECMA nominee), Wintersleep ( 5 time ECMA nominee) and Carmen Townsend. At 3:30pm on Friday, Paul Castle of SHIFT will be hosting another FREE show at the Playhouse, this time with performances by David Myles, Damhnait Doyle backed up by members of Slowcoaster, Meaghan Smith, Duane Andrews and Thom Swift. And then Stephanie Domet of Atlantic Airwaves will host a FREE hiphop/jazz show at the Playhouse on Saturday at 5:00pm.

All of these shows are free and everyone is welcome.

Plan to get there early because once the theatre is full, they won't be letting more in.

So even if you can't afford the big ticket shows, you can catch many of the big ticket artists for FREE over the weekend. Also, the bulk of the shows over ECMA weekend are well under $50, most are as low as $10 in fact, and the lineups for these shows are incredible for such a cheap ticket. Rich or poor, the ECMA'a have something for everyone.

Hope to see you all out February 7th to the 10th!!!

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