Sunday, January 20, 2008


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Photos and the ECMAs said...

Charles, I can assure you it will not be only Irving photographers who are accredited.

- The Halifax Dailies will have shooters there
- The Canadian Press will have a shooter there
- The Coast will have at least 1 shooter
- The University paper's will have shooters
- There will be shooters on behalf of sponsors
- There will be an official ECMA shooter

If it is like years previous, it will actually be quite crowded with media. That's why they can't grant everyone with a point and shoot camera media access. I'm sure your camera is welcome at the before mentioned free shows, and if you wish to purchase tickets.

In fact Saturday's FanFest is an event specifically for people who wish to have their own picture taken with artists for their personal websites and things of that nature.

Charles LeBlanc said...

I'm just going by a comment that was left by someone.

Now I did it!!!

I'm getting people searching for info about the ECMA and end up in this blog.

Now? I got to explain every day that we will in a Province where the Irvings rules.

Nahhhh...I will not buy a ticket for the ECMA.

If the Irving's employees don't buy tickets?

Why should I????

Anonymous said...

"Instead, the ECMAs have compromised, by putting a public relations expert in charge of determining whether a publication warrants legitimacy."

From what has been said here,the media EXPERT must be on vacation.

Like we got to limit this and that but Charles can't be media but Charles can be media if he pays.

Charles pays,,he's a SHOOTER
The Irvings offer to pay,oh no,no sir its free??????
I'm lost.
Human Rights?
Who's on first,I don't know!

Charles LeBlanc said...

I wonder who in charge of the ECMA????

The Irvings????

No wonder they never replied to my request of a media pass. could be a public relation nightmare for the event.

If you google ECMA in Fredericton?

My blog is number one on the list!

Snowman said...

Why should Charles get a free media pass?
I think he should deserve a free media pass only if he does interviews, explain what's going on, says who plays when and where, tells people what impact has the ECMA's on the music industry, what kind of economic spinoffs it will have on Fredericton, etc.

In a few words, he should deserve a pass if he does a real journalistic job without stealing stories from the Irvings or CBC.

He claims he's a journalist? Then he should prove it.

James C. said...

I just googled "ECMA Fredericton" and your blog was not the first one on the page. It was not even on page 1.

James C. said...

I agree 100% with snowman. I could not have said it better myself.

Charles LeBlanc said...

ecma in Fredericton


Anonymous said...

its number one thats for sure

Anonymous said...

Freedom of the press is only part of the citizen`s need for freedom of information.

The press are free to cover what they like, the way they like. You won`t find many New Brunswickers who will demand that Irving cover a certain piece a certain way.

However, the attention given by Charles to issues of such paramount import, compared with how an investors stock is doing - we should be ashamed to let our focus be drawn and ensnared by the wishes of a corporation.

Charles, I really hope the fates smile on you here - you cover so much else than must get you down (homelessness, drug use in the city, murder) - that it would be nice if you got to see the brighter side of life.

The interweb really needs more of honest, individual type effort like Charle`s if it is to remain a revolutionary tool for the people.