Sunday, January 20, 2008


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This could be label as a funny or dangerous story but I will give it a shot!!!

By the way? My cold is getting a little better.

Ok....Last week while walking toward the Fredericton Soup Kitchen, I noticed close to 10 youths shouting at me.

As in the past? I had a little problem? I had the music on in my ears so I couldn’t make out what they were saying so I just walked inside the kitchen.

Once there, I saw someone and told the individual what happened outside?

I said- Am I in trouble again?

The individual quickly answered- Yes, you are in trouble!!!

I quickly shot back- Ok!!! What did I do now???

The person told me that the story on the streets is this - I take pictures of crack houses and give them to the cops!!!

I said - You mean we have crack houses in this City????

I continued on by suggesting - You mean the Cops from the Fredericton Police Force are so stupid that an address won’t do??? I have to take pictures of the crack house so they’ll know where it is???

The individual was also confuse so how did a false story like this one get started?

Well? A couple of days earlier while chatting with a volunteer?

This police officer walked by me and began chatting with someone.

His name is Yves. He’s an Acadian from the North Shore.


I tapped Yves on the shoulder and said- We have a good system here! Don’t screw it up!

I continued- I better shut up because I’ll be charge for obstruction!!!

Yves went into the office.

I waited for the cop because I wanted to know about the issue of Quebec cops working in the Force.


Around 15 minutes later, he showed up and I walked with the guy till the Fredericton Shelter.

We stood outside for 5 minutes and chatted.

He went inside and I went on my way.

Going back for me taking pictures of crack houses.

Someone showed me a picture which there was around 20 house in one picture and one of them was a crack house!!! < Which I won’t show the picture in here >

The story was that I was an informant and I met Yves at the shelter to give him the picture.

I quickly shot back- If I was an informant? Wouldn’t that be stupid of me to give a cop a picture in front of everyone?

The individual replied - Charles?? They think you’re crazy!!!!

Just too funny!!!!

First it was the pedophile story and now I’m a drug informant!!!

I may be crazy but not stupid!!!

I know a lot of people who does drugs and that’s their business.

As a matter of fact, I always try to help them by telling their stories in my blog so we can have more money for methadone.

Click below for the hour I spent with a drug user -

Pictures 228


Yes, someone is out to get me and there’s nothing I can do about it.

Like the pedophile story - click below -



There’s nothing I can do.

What has to happen if someone confronts me on the streets in a violent matter?

If he beats me?

That’s fine!!!

If I beat him?

That’s fine!!!

I will call the cops and lay charges.

During a court trial?

We might know where or who are starting these stories?

There’s no question that many enemies are reading this blog and wish to do me great harm.

Does this scare moi?

Of course not!!!

I’m just going to continue to do what I do best and THAT’S BLOGGING ISSUES AWAY!!!

It may get more dangerous and I will continue.

By the way? The reason I decided to blog this issue?

If something does happen to me?

I don’t wish the cops to tell the public that Charles took one picture too many!

Truly stay tuned!!!!


Anonymous said...

Charles,your alot of things to alot of people but an informant isn't one of them.

Anonymous said...

Police dont need Charles to know where the crack houses are! If the
Police would spend as much time working on them as they do Charles they might actually get somewhere!