Friday, January 18, 2008

Charles in jail!!!!!

Originally uploaded by Oldmaison

Yeah....This is exactly what I feel like....Runing ear, coughing sweating.....

Lots of water...Is there anything else I can do to get rid of this cold?

since there's lots of genuises in this site? Maybe someone has the solution to the comon cold???


Be prepared for lots of blogging!!!!

I'm stuck inside so there's nothing else to do but BLOGGING!!!!


nbt said...

Take a few hits from a quart of rum and you should be ok. lol Either that, or get some sleep. ;-)

Anonymous said...


Not to get your paranoia up, but couldn`t this be a globalist-sponsored attempt to do away with you via directed DNA-targeted viral infection?

They won`t be able to take over New Brunswick as long as you`re there to show us the story.

You must defeat this virus to come fight another day!

Anonymous said...

As you can see here charles,you are on the right track.
Be careful of those who try to get you to let down your guard!!!!

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