Friday, January 18, 2008

If Dr.Phil don't have a PhD in psychology why should Charles have a diploma in journalism????

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Especially here in New Brunswick where the Irvings grants you the papers?

A journalist is suppose to report news without an opinion on the issue in hand so therefore that truly leaves me out of the picture.

I believe as the biggest blogger and Bullshitter in this Province who was charge and acquitted in the Courts?

I hold the right to be called an journalist!!!

If Dr.Phil can do it than so can I!!!!

Enough said!!!


Snowman said...

If I hammer a nail on a wall in my house, does that make me a professional carpenter? No.

Charles. No media would print or broadcast what you write on your blog because of factual errors and libellous comments.

You're not a journalist. Sorry to break the news to you.

Anonymous said...

If 5% of what Charles says is true, he`s an extremely valuable member of the press corps.

The Irving scribes are too used to hiding the truth, rather than reporting it as it comes in.

What sort of information have they really ever gleaned regarding government corruption and corporate excess?

That Charles provides the volume of information he does, his participation is at least a wake up call to the M$M that citizens will want more if they are to remain gatekeepers on public information.

Just Passing said...

It says a lot about what you must know of what goes on around you if the 5% that you pick up here is the only truth you know. So tell me anonymous 8:40 what 5% have you gleaned from Charles this morning? You shouldn't confuse volume with meaningful. They are not quite the same. Unless of course is the main stream media your talking about The Weekly World News?...

Anonymous said...

Would you try saying that again old boy.
Like,One smart feller,he felt smart
Two -----

Anonymous said...

One of passings friends,and his degree,hahahahaha News Staff

Ford Canada has pulled a newspaper ad in Manitoba telling motorists to "Drive it like you stole it" after being chided by police and drivers alike for sending the wrong message.