Friday, January 18, 2008


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Lets be honest here for one minute?

At 6:00pm, there's CBC, ATV and Global News.

Can First Local compete with the other news channels?

I don't believe so but I might be wrong?

Maybe they're up there in the ratings???

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Santa said...

Speaking of News _ Here's one for you charlie....

Did you here the one about a LARGE crane that blew over on the LNG site on CHRISTMAS DAY!!???

Of course you didn't....Because they had it all cleaned up in a very quick manner...I'll give you the exact amount of time later.

But when one Family (I won't say who they are) hint,hint, owns all the media outlets and has a long enough protected area to stop nosy camera carriers from capturing the crane collapse or any other accidents that might be taking place, I guess you can get away with these things making it out to the public.

But then again I guess NOT ALL things can be a secret for long eh??

It only took me a very short time to figure out that this in fact did take place.

I'll send ya a little more on this soon....there is more....