Friday, January 18, 2008

This guy is history!!!

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Gave up on the Liberals!!!!


Anonymous said...

A smart guy,also smart enough to study law.
Notice how,since the defeat of the liberals in this country,a steady string of disclosures and lies,for the benefit of their group,for the benefit of the hidden shares held in oil,pharmaceutical,food,etc.
Today,another discloser,their is plenty of oil,85 percent of the drugs are useless and harmful.Canada has risen from 14 to 10 since the defeat of the liberals.A huge move

Can a country survive on lies and corruption.
We will soon know.

Anonymous said...

I tell you,this guy could do very well,I can see it.
His daughter also very bright looking.
Shame,some of the best people,just not got the golden spoon.
The easily bought run the country.