Friday, January 18, 2008


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But the question is this? How many Ashley Smith is there in jail as I blog?

How many were arrested by the Saint John Police Force on obtruction charge and were told they had no right to a lawyer???

That's the question?

This is the reason there should be a public inquiry on my arrest in Saint John????

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T.J. Burke must act on this one as soon as possible.


I beieve that next week? I'm going to attend the Court session in the Capital just to see how many are told they have no right to a lawyer!!!


Anonymous said...

Who made the Policies that these Guards were Trained to Follow and how can they be so Inhuman?Is indifference to Humankind a prerequisite to becoming a Police Officer or Jail Guard?? Are they Fall Guys for The Real Problem? Why is the Warden not Charged and in Jail after all its His Jail They should know above all whats going on? Why is the Justice Minister not there along with the Guards and with the Warden?? That Young Girl was TORTURED to DEATH no other Explaination and it was allowed to happen right from the Top to the Bottom!

Anonymous said...

Guards are not responsible for putting people in solitary confinement. That is an administrative position. These are fall guys.

Anonymous said...

While I`d like to credit the system for level-headedness, Charles probably played a big role in keeping this issue in the forefront.

Lord knows what the Irvings have reported on it. Since renouncing the main stream press, their opinion seems less and less important.

In case this really was a case of bad-apples - Score one for the people; but will this turn out as a bid for time before the next battle in the economic/drug war on humanity?

Anonymous said...

HAMILTON - A decade of putting the tainted-blood scandal under the criminal justice system's microscope culminated Friday with all remaining charges being dropped - a decision that "thrilled" the former Canadian Red Cross director at the centre of the controversy, but left those who fell ill during the crisis feeling the system had again failed them.

Money,Sex,and Domination.

In this case there was money to be made.
When there is money to be made,your life means NOTHING in the private world,and check the names involved in this creepy deal.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many people Ashley Smith kept employed by her Incarceration? Imagine being 19 years Old and giving up on Everything in a Cement Cell with nothing but a Rag covering your Body,The People that caused and Profited from this should be tried and Executed!

France was one of the few Countries to Charge and Jail people Involved with the tainted Blood!
The Biggest Murderes Walk Free amongst us,and were supposed to Worry about some Street Thug with a Knife or Gun when the Biggest Thugs and Murderers flock to Our Capital Cities and Hide within the Legal System!

Anonymous said...

Or enter our political system and make the rules allowing them the use of offshore accounts and money laundering in our banks.
Yes ,why the kicking and screaming,lying,cheating,stealing,frauding,to get to be the leader in our very low paying political system,in coimparason to what all heads of companies make,yes why?
There got to be a reason!
And where did all the criminal gangs go?

Anonymous said...

criminal gangs have become corporations and moved off shore with the rest!

Anonymous said...

This is the time to make sure this never happens again. We have failed in so many ways that justice needs to happen and all parties involved should serve time.