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Debate goes on.....

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Just the opposite is true,as Charles 'popularity' attests-you can read the comments on several posts above, many giving him credit, and many wishing him well. Most people are aware of what Charles does for the community, which is why there are very few critical comments- most are from you. In the cases where he goes overboard, most people simply ignore it and move on, its entertaining at least. And many more give him the benefit of the doubt, especially if you've been on the 'receiving end' of the bureaucracy. It may be melodramatic, but nobody gets hurt.

However, it should be pointed out that Charles did NOT deserve what he got, whether his subsequent actions are overblown or not. That's like taking away all of a poor man's resources and then criticizing him for stealing a loaf of bread. This blog was churning along quite nicely, as you state yourself. Charles was almost singularly responsible for getting a new Residential Tenants Act, and I think that is the real reason for his arrest and ban-he was simply becoming too damn good at being a lobbyist.

Imagine what else he'd get into if that were to continue. He certainly didn't deserve to be fired from a job no matter the reason (unless he wasn't doing a good job, which isn't the case). He certainly didn't deserve to be arrested, even the judge attested to that, and everybody knew it beforehand and yet the government refused to drop the charges. He certainly didn't deserve to be banned from the legislature (unless there is somethign we don't know).

So yes, I defend him, mostly simply because you seem to have a real persecution against him, which should make anybody wonder who you actually are. Like I've said, I criticize him right here when there is something to criticize, and defend him when people like Jennifer state things out of context.

It's actually quite remarkable how little charles is responsible for what happens to him, in most cases he is behaving quite benignly so its strange the government has such a burr in their butts about him. Charles is certainly a pain in the ass, but not letting him into a christmas party and not letting him take pictures with other media is just plain stupid. Who cares if he takes pictures? And he's a member of the liberal party, I know, because I gave him the ten bucks to join-so there is no reason he shouldn't be allowed into their party. He may have been melodramatic in his response, but he certainly 'didn't ask' to not be let in.

But apart from that Charles really doesn't 'get what he deserves'. After all, he doesn't get paid at all, and on many occasions his blog is worth as much as the Irvings papers. Hell, if he did more audio interviews he might well be more of a resource than the CBC..and all this from one guy on welfare.

But its true, I find many headlines over the top. What I'm not yet convinced of is whether Charles is fully aware of that and does it for the sake of a headline and the predictable comments that result-after all, the only thing worse than negative comments would be no comments at all. And I'm not sure which is more entertaining, seeing what Charles will come up with, or seeing the inevitable comments, both are quite entertaining so I get plenty of laughs.

But its a free country, if you think we're all sad for enjoying this blog and thinking it important, great, I hope whatever beliefs you have make you happy. I don't live in Fredericton and its great to be able to see all the stuff going on, its great to see tons of pictures of Mazucca's, which I'll never see again and which only had two pictures in the paper (and of course none on the CBC).

I think its great to be able to see Charles have a blog about the mayor and have the mayor reply. I think its very socially relevant to have pictures showing the state of many trails and sidewalks when they are not plowed-and when they are. I think they are very socially relevant. I don't think its as socially relevant when Charles has posts about Dan, depending of course on what the issue is that he's discussing-this one I think was quite important.

The only thing you've really faulted him for only makes up less than ten percent of the blog. Just go look at the top ones right now, theres a story about bus routes, and numerous stories about drug use. Thats very socially relevant-but I don't really know how you define socially relevant, maybe you just mean he should be only talking about ADD non stop. Apart from that, its pretty clear how socially relevant his blog is, people wouldn't be coming here if it weren't. It certainly isn't THAT entertaining, there's millions of blogs out there and an unlimited source of distraction.

Maybe he does like the attention, good for him, I hope it makes him happy, lord knows money never will, a nice house and car and good reliable food certainly never will, so hopefully he enjoys what little notoriety he gets.


Anonymous said...

Bravo! Well said!

Anonymous said...

The only place where real news is allowed!

Anonymous said...

Yes,that written by Mikel,who is a great analyzer,as I said yesterday on the most distrustful blog in NB or NS,a blog controlled by a mouse,mousey.
When i tried to let Mikel know i was not being sarcastic,the little boy wouldn't post it.Reminded me of the useless dipstick passinas,whose jailohsy of charles is soooo obvious.Good to see mikel give the boot to the ---

mikel said...

Thanks to the above for that lack of sarcasm, however, this is taken out of context and since I'm stuck inside as well then I should restate that I agreed with much of the criticism against Charles.

Charles COULD be far more effective if he listened to that criticism. Going over the top really doesn't help and only hurts. Having a little self control is not a bad thing and I know of many who would normally be supportive of his causes who no longer give him the time of day because of things he's done (mostly with the camera). Fortunately Charles isn't quite as crazy with his pictures anymore.

But this 'the liberals are trying to kill me' is WAY over the top, and while it may be for entertainment purposes, it is also a sign of paranoia-which isn't a useful trait when you are trying to get a ban lifted. In public life appearances are often as important as reality. Plus its really not necessary, Charles may think the headlines need spicing up, but the stories speak for themselves, just the facts makes for more interestin g a story than the headlines or the flamboyant comments. Charles is distinctive enough, he never really needs to embellish.

And again, the residential tenants act STILL hasn't been proclaimed, I got an email from the John Howard Society about the issue the other day-they were just starting to get involved, which shows just how bad the media is. Charles virtually NEVER posts on poverty issues anymore, most of his issues are, shall we say 'activist lite'. Whether a liquor store closes in the downtown certainly doesn't compare with poor people being thrown out for no reason.

And with five and more posts a day there is no reason they can't be covered, and there is no lack of information out there. So the melodrama does detract from the central issues. In fact, its not even melodrama, this goes way beyond Shakespeare. If people start thinking Charles is mentally unsound then all kinds of problems arise (and even when he's acting 'normally' thats a fine line:)

Hopefully Charles will pay attention to that because one thing that 'just passing' and I and a lot of people agree on is that Charles could use a little moderation himself-or at least some logic. If somebody doesn't let you into a party its not because they want to kill you, its because they don't want you around. If you overreact then that's his fault. Fortunately he rarely overreacts, and his reactions like at the Willie O'rea event shows he seems to have the right moderation at least in his actions. Anybody else would have sheepishly walked away, good for Charles for having balls of brass. If more canadians had the guts Charles does it would be a better country (although louder and crazier).

But for the above post, its always nice to be agreed with, but I do have to say that he is referring to the, which is (IMHO) the best political blog in New Brunswick right now, usually even better than Charles lately. The author isn't as much of an activist, but its a good blog for a 'mousey mouse':) But then we can't all be Charles..

Charles LeBlanc said...

Mike? Listen...

Someone told me that the Liberals are talking to high proffesionals in the doctors field of how to handle a guy like myself?

As for the Liberals having me killed?

I am just going by the facts?

If I would have reacted at the Christmas Party at Sweetwaters?

The bouncers could have slam me to the ground and hit my head.

Many citizens wwere killed by bouncers in New Brunswick.

What I'm saying if that maybe the proffesionals believe that a person with ADHD would have reacted and it would have been the end of that!!!

The six months protest in front of the Legislature was God sent because I had so many people shouting at me while pointing their fingers at my chest but I always held my temper in check.

We got the Liberals connecting me to a murder and this is the reason I was banned from the Legislature.

Then we have the bouncers?

Then the R.C.M.P.?

The Liberals told me last week they are going to haul me in court for Harrashment but that's another blog.

I didn't blog it because of all the action going on?

Stay tuned!!!!

Anonymous said...

Charles will likely decide,that all great revolutions were started by the working class.
And considering he is 40 times more popular than the great political blogger in NB,will probably keep his patented format,at the envy of all the intelligentsia.
One would be amazed at the amount of information the street people have,and how fast they get it.

mikel said...

As soon as you say 'if' then you are no longer talking about 'facts'. You have all kinds of assumptions in there so thats quite a leap of logic. Just because some people have died because of bouncers means nothing, people have died because of doctors too, does that mean if you go to a hospital the liberals are trying to get doctors to kill you? Of course not.

You are ASSUMING that some guys were sitting in the back saying "ok, these guys will kill somebody if they fight back so if we invite Charles and then don't let him in then he will overreact and these guys will use lots of force to kill him".

If you DO believe that then there's a problem. That's an assumption, and not fact. And as JP says, it makes you sound crazy.

That many liberals and bureaucrats don't like you wouldn't surprise anybody. That they'd like to shut down the blog wouldn't even be a surprise. If they charge you for harassment then that wouldn't even surprise me. But you are going WAY beyond that.

I have no doubt that they are trying to figure out how to 'control' you. Ironically, the simplest thing would be to simply give you a job doing what you do best. They have a communications department that basically only puts some stories on a webpage at the government website where nobody goes.

But again, we don't need the melodrama. If you actually think they want to kill you, I think you are getting carried away.

PS-just because somebody tells you something doesn't make it true. You are at most an annoyance and now you are not even politically active. They didn't even revoke your liberal membership did they? They can't very well charge you for harassment when you are a member of the party.

Anonymous said...

Political Breaking news blog

Will maine assist the poor with heating rebates?

NASHVILLE PLANTATION, Maine—U.S. Rep. Michael Michaud of Maine says Irving Forest Products is shutting down its Pinkham Saw Mill, putting 73 people out of work.

more stories like thisThe announcement comes a day after Fraser Papers Inc. announced the temporary shutdown of its Ashland sawmill. About 70 Fraser workers will be without a job for about four months. Also Wednesday, NewPage Corp. said a paper machine shutdown in Rumford will put 60 people out of work.

Like Fraser, Irving cited low lumber prices caused by a weak U.S. housing market.

Spokeswoman Mary Keith says the Pinkham sawmill is being placed on "indefinite closure," just like another Irving sawmill in Strong that already closed. A third Irving sawmill in Dixfield is operating normally.

Anonymous said...

YES,IT Happened

A real compassionate leader

By Kevin Miller
Thursday, January 17, 2008 - Bangor Daily News

Maine is slated to receive an additional $8.8 million in federal assistance for low-income individuals struggling to heat their homes amid record-high energy prices.

The Bush administration on Wednesday released $450 million in emergency relief funds from the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program. The emergency funding is part of a $2.6 billion LIHEAP budget passed by Congress and approved by President Bush last month.

Charles LeBlanc said...

Mike? For a guy like yourself who has ADHD?

You should be educated on this issue?

People with ADHD are very well known for speaking before thinking or act without taking into consideration the consequences?

These are true facts and if I would have reacted at Sweetwaters?

Yes, I could have gotten killed.

Not even I can handle three bouncers?

Anonymous said...

Jan 18, 2008 04:30 AM
Owens-Illinois Inc., the world's largest maker of glass containers, says it will close a factory in Scoudouc, N.B., on March 31 after failing to secure enough business to keep the plant open.

The shutdown will affect about 200 employees. The Perrysburg, Ohio-based company said production will be transferred to some of its four other glass container plants in Canada and 20 plants in the U.S.

Bloomberg News

mikel said...

Charles, come on, I don't have ADD but I know plenty about it (much from your website). If you react violently thats your business. Again, just because something CAN happen doesn't mean it will happen or that it has anything to do with anybody's intent. And if two huge guys started beating on me I'd just go limp and start thinking about the wonderful lawsuit I'd have against Sweetwaters and the government.

There are hundreds of things that COULD have happened, it certainly doesn't mean somebody had the intention of killing you, thats just crazy. Put it this way, say you did react, say these bouncers did try to drag you out and you resisted and somehow you were killed. Do you think they would be charged? They MAY be charged depending on what they did, but do you honestly think that police would hunt down people in the liberal party and arrest them for murder?

Again, if you do actually think that then thats just crazy. It's a free country and you can believe crazy things all you want, all thats been said is that if you allow comments and say crazy things, you'll get posters calling you crazy.

In fact, you've proven your own case wrong repeatedly. On numerous occasions, in fact almost EVERY occasion you have reacted with little response to being arrested or accosted by police. IF it were true that every time you were confronted you would violently react, then it could be said that IF somebody knew this and 'set you up' then that may prove intent.

However, like at Willie O'rea's ceremony you've proven that you DON"T overreact. That you usually act very calmly (so long as you don't have a bullhorn). So obviously nobody is going to 'set you up' in a way that they know is not effective-so its crazy to surmise that they would.

It's far more likely that one or two managers or upper level liberal party guys told this manager that they didn't want you in. The bouncers are at the club doing what they always do-end of story. Like I said in the other thread though, you can believe what you want, maybe liberal party members are repeatedly telling you 'we're gonna kill you', that we don't know. However, from the information we have it is crazy to jump to the violent conclusions you have. If you have other info then share it, but otherwise it makes you sound a bit cracked.

That they don't like you, that you are a pain, that some bastards would not grieve if something did happen to you I'd believe. But this is just crazy talk, if you have EVIDENCE then share it, otherwise, we have no 'facts'.

I still don't know whether you're stubborness means you are just being belligerent, but this is probably the ONLY area of the blog where you really need to rethink how you play it. But its your blog and nobody can tell you what to do, just take a deep breath and think about it before the next "Sean Graham sends out mafia ninjas to secretly poison the mashed potatoes at the food bank" headlines.

Charles LeBlanc said...

Jesus Mike???? I'm the debating with worse than Spinks or Passing Gas???

I didn't say that the Liberal would have me killed!!!

But I did asked the question if I would have reacted???

I'm too old to react anyway!!!

Someone is out to get me and that's the way it is.

I wish I could find out who???

As I said before? If you confront me?

Well? Get ready to be blog!!

Ok Mike? Go take a Ritalin to calm down!!

Hey? Maybe this is the reason I'm sick?

The Liberals poisoned my food at the Kitchen or here???

Thanks Mike! That would make a great blog!!




mikel said...

I haven't got ADD Charles, so my attention stays focused pretty long here:) And beer, not ritalin, helps. But we know you phrased it as a question, but you talk as if you believe its a serious possibility here.

You could have asked "did space aliens turn into liberal party members and bouncers in order to harm Charles?" Yes, you could then say 'hey, I'm just askin!', but I think you'd understand that we'd be a bit concerned (well, I would) that that is the particular question you are asking. But I'm glad you posted that last comment because it shows what I suspected, that you don't seriously believe it and are just 'putting it out there' perhaps to get the liberals more po'd or for whatever reason you may have. I don't worry about you quite so much now.

And you can interview Robert Stanfield (is that the UFO guy in Fredericton?), because you know they COULD have been space aliens!

Anonymous said...

A Liberal government would establish a $1-billion fund to help manufacturers move into green technologies, Stephane Dion pledged Friday.

Another example of their PERSISTENCE in feeding into their donor friends.Unbelievable.

Anonymous said...

Just because some people have died because of bouncers means nothing,

Well, if death by bouncer starts to out-pace cancer rates, let`s hope we`ll have a look at it. Otherwise, yeah - this isn`t about all bouncers - just some of them.

people have died because of doctors too

Well, you could make the same argument with Iraq or Afghanistan - doctors accidentally kill people and so do our soldiers - no reason to ever call foul.

does that mean if you go to a hospital the liberals are trying to get doctors to kill you?

Talk about inspiring Charles` paranoia - but seriously - if he were on life support, who knows who he might of offended in the health department - maybe they would try to have him disconnected.

Really - and the post about aliens - what sort of crap is this? Next you`ll be blaming Charles for 9i11.

Anonymous said...

Ya mikel,
David needs you.
Wonder who been posting in my name?haha

Just Passing said...

Well mikel it is plain that you really do only see what you want far more than your willing to admit. Even here you miss the point when saying how relieved you are now that Charles has admitted that the liberal party isn't out to kill him. He says nothing of the sort. He first denies he said it at all (but simply reading his past posts suggests otherwise) only to insist in the very next few lines that "Someone is out to get me and that's the way it is" That is hardly proof that he doesn't "seriously believe it and are just 'putting it out there" You simply choose to read into his statements what you want to see. As to your suggestion that there are very few critical comments..most from me...then I can only suggest that you really don't want to see the truth. Perhaps that is why you continue to make the same excuses in his defense over and over. It is a shame but perhaps some day you will realize that you were in fact not helping him at all.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Charles,couldn't get to sleep last night,from laughing,at how ,now ,the patient is trying to treat the Doctor.
So I suggest to the almost experts,the reading of first

"Confessions of an economic hit man"
and then,

"The secret history of the American Empire"

John Perkins:

Try to let it sink into your head,what I claimed before reading these books,Leaders are nothing but "Figure Heads".

Anonymous said...

Just Passing,stop throwing your disinfo! Charles shook or is still shaking the tree and were waiting to see what nuts will fall out!

Anonymous said...

Don't have a mirror?
Or a wife.hahaha

Just Passing said...

Hmm, so anonymous 10:52...when did you fall out?