Friday, January 18, 2008

I must give credit to the Fredericton Police Force!!!

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They caught the individual who stabbed a guy at the Mall last week.

This Police Force always manage to catch almost anyone who does a crime in this City.

If someone tries to rob a store? The area will be surrounded by cops in a matter of minutes.

We know it's a small City so therefore it must remain safe.

My God? Could you imagine living in Halifax???

Now? I'm not kissing butt to the Local Police Force.

I'm just giving credit where it's due.


Anonymous said...

The Fredericton are among the finest in the world. They get a bad rep from enforcing ridiculous legislative (i.e. drug prohibition), political (baning bloggers) and other moral / opinionated questions.

Trouble is, when people behave themselves (how many murders these days?) - they`ve got to justify their paychecks by issuing speeding tickets all day.

If I had to act as a glorified meter maid 99% of the time, I might stomp on a bloggers head or two also.

As it is, when the system robs us blind in taxes and greedily funnels funds to government friends, who really cares if someone steals a chocolate bar? If the morality of our society is reflected by corporate function, what justice can really be administers in all fairness?

A co-operative operation would not result in the sort of animosity we see between citizens and law enforcement in troubled times.

Unfortunately, human failings transgress across the legal lines in every direction. What sort of justice would send natives off to be starved and tortured? What sort of justice would continue to collaborate with the Cocaine Importation Agency? How many speeding tickets will it take to convince us to emulate the Germans in one positive aspect?

Seriously - Fredericton police are great - they just need to keep things realistic - these speed cameras and identity tracking could be great in theory - but consider who you are targeting.

If the answer is a hard core criminal, rather than some dude comparable to your cousin or uncle, please consider your duty as a human above that of a policy.

Use some judgement when you see a man representing the people, with a blogger jacket, hat and ID card - not to drag him out like a filthy rat, but to respect his eccentricities as representative of your protectees (not sure if this word exists).

Anyway, they earn every dollar - and in general are model citizens. As agents in the corporate / fascist / globalist war on humanity, their score card of late is rather troublesome.

Charles LeBlanc said...

Just for the record?

I had problems with the Saint John Police Force and the R.C.M.P but not really with the Fredericton Police Force.

If I'm in an area where there's action such as the stabbing on York Street last summer?

They don't bother me....

Anonymous said...

Hmm... I`ve reconsidered it (blogger 5:02 here) and I think I was projecting my thoughts on mainly the ongoing drama we`re seing down in Amerika and some of the more aggressive highway patrolmen.

The Fredericton Police are actually sort of like a major incongruity in terms of what we`re expecting from the News these days.

So - Fredericton Police have been awesome in the 20+ years I`ve spent in the city - maybe this has led to over-expectations for police in other parts of the world on my part.

Anonymous said...

Nah, cops are not as stupid as you think (even with your five little brains.) Your' sucking up to them and they know it!